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A fun night out on the town has been delayed for CHANEL RAE and BUCK. Instead of being in the club, the well dressed couple will have to make do with dancing in ropes on the couch!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! HOLLY MANNING and NIGEL find themselves in a knotty situation as they are bound side by side in their own backyardand cleave gagged. And on the MIB side, Drug dealing BLAKE has made a sale while MIB Hunter LELA STAR watches intently. Not only has she found her man, but she's got evidence to put him behind bars for a long time! First the cops will have to untie his hands and feet and take all the sticky duct tape off his mouth!

In this Vintage Set, Poor MICHELLE CURTIS and VINCE get mugged while strolling through the park. They've been sitting on a park bench for over an hour now pennyless, bound and tape gagged!

CARISSA MONTGOMERY is a beautiful but disturbed woman who collects handsome men for her pleasure and JAY SMOOTH is the unlucky plaything of the week!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Surprised by home invaders, ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN and BRAD lie face-down on a wooden floor, tied hand and foot and gagged with duct tape! And on the MIB side, The inimitable JANA JORDAN provides a textbook lesson in high-powered female domination at the expense of the unfortunate LANCE! Roped onto a bondage horse in his underwear and ball-gagged, Lance displays some genuine fear when the angelic-appearing but demonic- behaving Jana climbs aboard to abuse him verbally and physically!

  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ARIELLA FERRARA and DEVON had a nice romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast, until the kinky owner tied them up naked and kept their mouths shut with ball-gags. And on the MIB side, GEORGIA JONES has fun tickling her brother DAMIAN as he fights to escape the stocks.

CAROL LUNA is enticing in her bustier, denim skirt and boots but the tied and cleave-gagged girl's eyes are wide and panicked because she's being used as a pawn in an ugly game! When JAY arrives he's also bound and gagged by a ruthless enemy!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Cute redhead PEPPER KESTER suffers for her boyfriend MICKEY's past deeds by getting bound and gagged by his Ex. When Mickey comes back to the hotel room he is forced to strip down to his underwear and tied up next to poor Pepper. And on the MIB side, delectable KIMBERLY GATES disguises herself by donning a domino mask, removes JOHNNY's blindfold and checks his bonds; he's momentarily scared when Kimberly produces scissors but she only uses them to cut open his shirt so she can fondle his bare chest! Turned on by Kimberly's sensual explorations, Johnny's simultaneously humiliated by becoming a toy for this dangerous woman!

Back with a cup of ice, LAYLA SIN takes extreme pleasure in cooling down the very excitable JAY SMOOTH, starting from his neck, down his chest, in his undies and even resting a cube on his toes!

With their hands pulled overhead, bare bodied CHANEL RAE and underwear clad BUCK writhes and murmurs in a bondage and tape gagged dance!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! After a night of gambling and winning big KARLIE MONTANA and MIKEY are surprised when they get back to their hotel room by a thief who ties them back to back, ball gags Karlie, tape gags Mikey and takes their winnings. And on the MIB side, MELISSA JACOBS gets upset after her gardner JIMMY makes a sexual comment towards her as they work on her new patio, Melissa ties Jimmy to a tree and shoves a cleave-gag into his mouth to teach him a lesson.

CAROL LUNA is a beautiful but wacko girl who combines her love of nature and captive men by preparing a special bondage for JAY SMOOTH. Once he's tied to the tree in his underwear, Carol savors his struggles; ball-gagged Jay's desperately frustrated when naughty Carol approaches within inches and teases him by baring her breasts!

Nearing 30, BUCK was ordered to get his shit together and take his rightful place in the family business. His sudden appearance in the company ruffled quite a few feathers including CHANEL RAE who aside from receiving a Bachelors degree and working on her Masters for that specific position, she had also started from the very bottom. She was desperate and would do anything to keep Buck away!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! RANDY MOORE and ALEXANDER PAYNE are tied face to face so they can at least attempt to communicate with each other - but with tight gags over their mouths, it is going to be tough. And on the MIB side, Big tease CALI LOGAN invites LANCE over for a little fun in the bedroom but after tying him spread eagle to the bed Cali tape gags his mouth and leaves him to struggle all by himself!

It wasn't enough for JAY SMOOTH to have nude hottie LAYLA SIN rub her bare feet over his stiffening cock or even allow him to suck on her lovely toes, but he couldn't help himself and Jay just got a little too excited and started to bite her toes! Layla retaliates by ball-gagging the bound bad boy and leaving him for a minute to grab something else to punish him with!

Teetering hog-tied on the kitchen table is a tough enough feat, but nude cutie CHANEL RAE has got to share the limited surface with her underwear bound boyfriend BUCK!
  • SIX NEW MIB VIDEO CLIPS! Outdoors go RICHARD and the DIVA, but it's only the Woman In Black who enjoys her time in the fresh air! Roped standing to a tree and gagged with white tape, the once arrogant young man now quivers in abject terror as his excited captor threatens his bulging leopard-print briefs with a pair of sharp-edged implements. But perhaps the Diva's enjoying the mind games she's playing with Richard too much and has forgotten the reason for her visit -- that's certainly the opinion of her client, who arrives and decides to fire her! And Super-muscular GRAYDEN is bound with his big bare feet completely exposed for JESSIE CAPELLI to tickle without mercy!

  • Please enjoy these SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from our latest release HAPPY COUPLES BOUND TO ONE ANOTHER!

    Victimized by stealthy villains, naked CASSIE LAINE and shorts-clad HARVEY lie on their stomachs next to each other on the bed, gagged with tape and bound hand and foot! Their mobility's hampered by ropes tethering their ankles to the bed's headframe; the unhappy couple's predicament worsens when the tethers are used to hogtie them! And, Handsome couple AARON and CARISSA MONTGOMERY squirm through an ugly evening when the insurance salesman they invited to their home turns out to be a ruthless rope-wizard in search of loot.

Once they have the clothing, the wicked pair truss up nude CAROL LUNA and briefs-clad JAY SMOOTH next to each other on the floor; long after the fugitives leave in their new outfits, the tape-gagged office-workers writhe side-by-side.
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Frustrated couple CHANTEL OSMOND and OSCAR seek the help of a therapist to improve their relationship. The suggestion - Learn to trust and communicate with a excercise in BONDAGE! And on the MIB side, PRESLEY HART treats her boss WOLF HUDSON to a bondage session on the job as she ties him kneeling before her and shoves her sweaty feet in his mouth!

New to bondage, BUCK sits anxiously in his underwear before naughty girlfriend CHANEL RAE comes forward with tickling in mind!

Executive JAY SMOOTH and secretary CAROL LUNA are working late at the office when they're stunned by the appearance of a Bonnie-and-Clyde- type couple! These desperadoes need a change of clothes to fool their pursuers so they order their captives to strip and gets them securely bound and out of the way!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Burlesque beauty ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN falls prey to a competitor who ropes up the vivacious brunette in her leopard-print mini-dress and red suede pumps next to handsome boyfriend BRAD! And on the MIB side, It takes a little convincing, batting of her big blue eyes and soft whispers to the ears, but adorable CHLOE LYNN talks DEREK into letting her tie him up and once he's bound on the bed, Chloe teases him with her bare feet and makes him suck her toes!

  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! GIA MANCINI thought she had pulled the perfect heist but as she takes her leave from tape bound ANTONIO, she's caught by his soon to be Ex. Gia ends up helpless tied next to Antonio who as you can tell was not freed from his plight. And on the MIB side, GEORGIA JONES has to keep her brother DAMIAN out of the way while her parents are out of town so she can throw a big party. So Georgia ties him spread-eagle to the bed and silences him with a cleave gag.

Now enraged by his unfaithfulness, CHARLOTTE STOKELY punishes CHAD by twisting his nipples, straddling him, threatening him with her high heels and walking her bare feet up and down his body!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! MICK plans on getting LENA SHELBY to see him in a different light by having a friend tie them both up and for him to escape and rescue her but as they struggle side by side tied to chairs he realizes that the ropes are a little too tight and his perfect plan falls apart. And on the MIB side, Not at all pleased with BARRY's idea of romantic, JAYME LANGFORD takes the situation into her own hands with tickling vengence.

In this vintage set, Married BOBBI EDEN is caught in bed with CAIN! Needless to say, her husband isn't thrilled and he ties the lovers in quite a compromising way!

Not done quite yet, CAROL LUNA goes barefoot and doms JAY by taking a walk from his chest up to his tape-gagged mouth while he squirms in the chair!
  • SIX NEW CAPTURED COUPLES VIDEO CLIPS! Wanna-be cat burglar SADIE MOREAU ends up bound and tape gagged next to her kidnap victim JONATHAN after her partner double crosses her and takes the ransom all for herself. And Imagine HARVEY's astonishment when he encounter's dazzling redhead SOPHIE NOVA lying naked and hogtied on a platform in the middle of the living room, her lush lips parted by a blue ball-gag and her red-nailed big toes cinched with string! Unfortunately for Sophie, Harvey's not a successful hero to the rescue, as her captor reduces him to similar hogtied helplessness on a couch next to her, where her tape-gagged friend struggles in his underwear!

Why pay a realtor to sell your home when you can do it yourself and save the commission? Sounds like a good argument but LAYLA SIN and JAY should have been more cautious showing off their house to anybody and everybody that came knocking at their door. It didn't concern them that the latest couple looked like they had been living on the streets. They gave the vagrants a tour when all hell broke loose!

CAROL LUNA continues to have her way with a tied up JAY SMOOTH. She intimidates him with her spike heels and furthers any humiliation with a sign taped to his expensive shirt.
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Nikki and Loren find DEVON's girlfriend ARIELLA FERRERA, tie her up, tape gags her mouth and fondles her exposed big breasts as poor Devon watches while tied up. And on the MIB side, Disgruntled girlfriend SAMANTHA RYAN calls in two rope mistresses to tie belligerent boyfriend LUKE up tight and shut his mouth with tape so she can put him in his place.

CHARLOTTE STOKELY and CHAD will have to be satisfied with togetherness, however, because they're soon tethered and the floor and limited to snuggling in bondage!

JAY SMOOTH is the spoiled son of the company owner so he takes advantage of his position to harrass CAROL LUNA. When she's finally had enough, she punches him in the gut and ties up the the well-dressed aggressor!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ELLE ALEXANDRA and her guy JOHN experience the wrath of Dangerous Diva when they become involved in a convoluted intrigue! First surprising Elle, the Diva ropes her feisty red-haired captive into intricate bondage and seals her mouth with tape! Dressed in sweater, denim shorts and high boots, fashionable Elle twists and thrashes on the carpeted floor alongside John, who's ambushed by the Dangerous One when he returns home! And on the MIB side, KYLE could hear SARAH laughing from a mile away. He dropped his head low in humiliation. Sarah ran over to her bound friend with a wide grin on her face and no intent to set him loose. Instead, she continued to laugh at Kyle's plight and chastised him for not being careful. Sarah had warned him a million times about how dangerous the park was. Kyle even made fun of her when she offered him a can of pepper spray, but it looks like he should have listened afterall!

  • Please enjoy these SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from our latest release MEN BOUND INTO SUBMISSION!

    CHAD cheats on girlfriend CHARLOTTE STOKELY by allowing a "dominatrix" to tie him up. But the mistress has no interest in Chad's desire for kinky fun -- she's just there to rip off the sucker! When Charlotte returns to find her guy bound and gagged, she's briefly sympathetic, but before she can untie him she smells perfume and swiftly deduces how Chad got in a bind. And, JORDAN is an actor auditioning for a role as a detective in a low-budget movie. For some obscure reason, the producer of the film tests him in a scene where he's been tricked by a femme fatale, then tied up and gagged. Actress JENNA J. ROSS "helps" Jordan in his test by enthusiastically playing the bad girl role, taping his mouth and teasing him with her breasts and bare feet -- a definite success for all!

Naked LAYLA SIN treats boyfriend JAY to a sizzling bout of bondage play after spreadeagling him on the bed in nothing but his boxer briefs. With such a tantalizing view, Jay is especially turned on by being allowed to worship Layla's bare feet!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! With ex-boyfriend, LUKE, bound and gagged, MIKO SINZ and her partner in crime find what they were looking for, but plans change and Miko gets double crossed and left to struggle bound next to her ex! Now if only she can just get out of the rope and disappear from Luke's life forever! And on the MIB side, When ROSE BANCROFT finds her man ANTON sleeping with another woman, she becomes furious! She gets her cheating hubby bound to a bed post and abuses him with her feet and a whip!

Nothing can keep CHARLOTTE STOKELY and CHAD apart, even after they've been trussed up and tape-gagged by home invaders. The captive couple hop into the room from their separate sites of captivity, then twist and strain together in the corner as they try to free each other.

LAYLA SIN and JAY are having difficulties in the bedroom, so they consult a relationship counselor they find on the internet. This quack recommends that they rebuild their erotic synchronicity through bondage, so they wind on the bed with Layla bound on her knees straddling a spreadeagled Jay.
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! The ex-boyfriend of RANDY MOORE breaks into her bedroom, ties her up and sets a trap for her new man. When new beau ALEXANDER PAYNE arrives he is forced to strip and is bound next to Randy. Bandanna gags keep Randy and Alexander quiet as they try to free themselves of their predicament. And on the MIB side, Disgruntled employee SADIE MOREAU is fed up with her lazy boss JONATHAN so she grabs him while her takes another break, ties him to a chair and tape gags his mouth.

In this vintage set, Military guards TJ HART and LOGAN REED are supposed to protect some very important property. They fail miserably as an infamous black-marketer gets the drop on them and leaves the guards all duct taped up.

CHAD cheats on girlfriend CHARLOTTE STOKELY by allowing a "dominatrix" to tie him up. But the mistress has no interest in Chad's desire for kinky fun -- she's just there to rip off the sucker! When Charlotte returns to find her guy bound and gagged, she's briefly sympathetic, but before she can untie him she smells perfume and swiftly deduces how Chad got in a bind.
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Gorgeous henchwoman, KAYDEN KROSS is sent to encourage AARON to pay his gambling debts and she uses sturdy sticky tape to try and convince him. And, Hog-tied JOHNNY receives CELESTE STAR's special tickling treatment to his bare feet.

  • Please enjoy these SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from our latest release HELPLESS COUPLES BOUND AND GAGGED!

    Lovely brunette LAYLA SIN is tied naked on top of her helpless lover JAY SMOOTH who is tied down to the bed spread-eagled. Struggling to free themselves their cries for help are muffled by the cloth gags stuffed into their mouths. And, Innocent couple, TIFFANY MARSHALL and JOHN CAMERON are victimzed by a preditory pair. They are held in bondage and silenced with tape gags while thieves clean them out!

Dressed to the nines, JAY SMOOTH and LAYLA SIN sit captives of a disgruntled business partner and he gets his rocks off by removing Layla's strappy sandals and caressing her feet!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ISABELLA JANACEK and JAMES find themselves both tied up side by side to the stair case and Isabella is completely nude as she stands helplessly! And on the MIB side, Blonde Euro SUE DIAMOND forces her captive MICK to take her long toes into his mouth before gagging him with cloth and putting him under her feet.

When the misinformed spyhunter returns, he's embarrassed to confess that he mixed up CHAD and CHARLOTTE STOKLEY's address with that of his actual target. The bumbling spyhunter apologizes but leaves them bound and gagged at the foot of the staircase!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! After a long night of clubbing and having fun, LENA SHELBY and PABLO come home to find an unexpected and unfriendly vistor and soon the happy buzz wears off and Lena and Pablo are bound and tape-gagged! And on the MIB side, DANI DANIELS sweet talks RON into her ropes after telling him how strong and muscular he is. LOL! After getting him tied up she puts him in the bathtub in only his underwear and cleave gags his mouth.

Left struggling by a jilted ex lover, JAY is completely helpless and to make matters worse, the camera crew of his new squeeze, LAYLA SIN is set to arrive!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Private RAY is humiliated by his army buddies by being bound and cleave gagged next to the girl he loves LEXI BLOOM. And on the MIB side, When TRAVIS gets home from a night of partying he is welcomed with rope and tape by his angry aunt EDEN WELLS who feels he needs an attitude adjustment.

JAY isn't as "Smooth" as his name suggests. After boasting to a heartbroken ex-girlfriend about landing a date with a reality-TV star, Jay learns what it means by the saying -- Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Angry about his insensitivity and ability to move on so quickly, she shows up unannounced and tricks him into bondage then waits for the camera crew to show up!

It's a hot and cold relationship, as the wild-eyed CHARLOTTE STOKELY first threatens her tape-gagged plaything with a lighter, then accentuates CHAD's subjugation by icing his bound body!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Aspiring musicians JAYME LANGFORD and BARRY get forced into bondage and their mouths stuffed with cloth by a desperate record exec and his assistant. And on the MIB side, In a playful mood, GWEN STANLEY brought out a pair of handcuffs and persuaded TOMMY to put them on. Then she teases him by waving the cuff keys high up and playing a little game of keep away!

Power couple LAYLA SIN and JAY SMOOTH are about to attend an award ceremony where he'll be honored for his charitable contributions. But a disgruntled former business partner shows up at the door before they can leave; first Jay's tied and gagged on a couch and when Layla goes looking for him she receives the same treatment.

Stunning in a gleaming gold bikini, CHARLOTTE STOKELY dominates CHAD who's spreadeagled on a bed in his briefs!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Nude, bound and cleave-gagged, CHLOE LYNN kneels on a bed facing a similarly- restrained DEREK, who kneels in his shorts; later, the hapless couple slip onto their sides and roll around on the bed in flesh- pressing proximity! And on the MIB side, ROBERT's tough guy image takes a hit when he finds himself bound and cleave gagged by LINDA CONNORS!

Stripped to his undies like ERIKA JORDAN, who squirms next to CHAD on a bed; both are gagged with duct tape, securely tied and tethered to the bed's headboard by ropes linked to their ankles. The kinky menaces delight in their victims' anguish, which they heartlessly ratchet up by hogtying them!

Scout CHARLOTTE STOKELY cajoles muscular CHAD into submitting to an experiment that tests strength of materials. At least that's her explanation, but her ulterior motive becomes clear once Chad's wrapped onto the tongue chair with plastic and several hundred feet of colorful tape. As the strongman sweats and squirms in his cocoon, naughty Charlotte mocks his weakness, teases him with her bare breasts and tickles his feet!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! JANA JORDAN thought her boyfriend KADE could protect her from anything but when an intruder breaks into their home and hogties and tape gags both Jana has to rethink her relationship. And on the MIB side, Not enjoying himself as much as he had hoped, restrained ROCKY has his head used as a personal foot stool for girfriend EDANYA.

Larcenous LENA SHELBY got the drop on underwear-clad GUNNAR, who squirms on the floor with his wrists and ankles taped and grunts through a tape-gag. After Lena loots the contents of Gunnar's safe, she hops onto the window seat and humiliates him with her bare feet!

Looking to get a new badge for her uniform, CHARLOTTE STOKLEY talks CHAD into helping her out. He allows the eager scout leader to wrap him tightly to a chair, but didn't expect her to have her way with him!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! When GISELLA MORENO tries to get rid of her psycho roommate things go terribly wrong as Gisella gets tied up and tape gagged. When boyfriend JON finds poor Gisella and tries to free her he gets the same treatment and ends up next to Gisella struggling to get free from their bondage nightmare. And on the MIB side, LENA SHELBY is annoyed with MAX's unwillingness to help out with household chores and when he scornfully rejects her request for assistance by referring to these tasks as "woman's work", she goes ballistic. Catching Max off-guard, Lena ties him up with the broom jammed between his arms and tapes his mouth. After ranting at him, she teases him with her breasts and bare feet, reminding him how nice she can be if he cooperates!

  • Please enjoy these SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from our latest release GAGGABLE GUYS!

    HARVEY's angry to find that CASSIE LAINE is dating an older man so he confronts them. Cassie's new boyfriend pretends to be friendly and takes him aside while Cassie waits for them to discuss the situation. But when they return, Cassie's shocked to see that Harvey's tied and tape-gagged; her new man points out that he's clearly better- suited to take care of her! Despite her surprise at the strange development, Cassie leaves with her new guy while Harvey struggles in frustration. And, It's a black day for submissive AARON, who's bound with black rope and gagged with black tape by CARISSA MONTGOMERY, who of course wears black lingerie and heels! Mistress Carissa drags Aaron to a corner of the living-room, ties his ankles and orders him to stay there without moving a muscle; when he gets restive, the angry dom pulls him onto the floor and tethers him ankle to knees before tantalizing him with the breasts he'll never touch!

Propped on a table, CALI LOGAN is tied up in LANCE's embrace with his hands tightly bound; they both wear wraparound gags consisting of duct tape over self-adhesive.
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! BREE DANIELS was waiting for her husband JEREMY to return from his business trip, and so was an intruder with bad intentions. He ties Bree up, tape gags her and waits for her guy to come home. When Jeremy arrives the intruder strips him to his underwear and ties him up next to Bree. And on the MIB side, After winning a bet FAITH LEON gets to tie up her boyfriend MARCOS, shove cloth in his mouth to shut him up and rub her feet all over his face.

Overzealous spyhunter grabs confused couple CHAD and CHARLOTTE STOKLEY. He's convinced that they're undercover operatives who've stolen important classified information, so he interrogates them after stripping, tying and blindfolding them. Of course, they strongly deny guilt so he gags them and suggests they think things over and tell the truth!

First tweaking his nipples, then removing his shoes and tickling his feet, ERIKA JORDAN also enjoys teasing CHAD by baring her breasts and thrusting her body close while he writhes in frustration!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Intruders have invaded HEATHER HARPER and DAVID in their own bedroom! There's no chance of escape and the scared couple are forced to strip and then they are bound and gagged. And on the MIB side, Bratty student JADE SALERNO has no respect for learning! She even tricks her tutor AARON and leaves him bound and gagged in his underwear! He now has two problems - getting loose and not getting a hard on as Jade taunts him!

  • Please enjoy these SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from our latest release KNOTTY COUPLES!

    DANE is horrified when he returns to the office he shares with the sexy JAMIE LYNN and finds his partner trussed to her desk and gagged! Before he can comprehend what is going on, Dane gets another surprise when the intruder demands him to get on the floor! When the intruder departs with stolen data, the embarrassed co-workers work hard to free themselves! And, At a corporate retreat, CASSIE LAINE and HARVEY are teamed up for a trust exercise that seats them in bound and gagged proximity on a low wall outdoors. Told that they'll be judged on how well they co-operate, the two captives struggle side-by- side as they attempt to communicate through taped lips. After they fail to loosen each other's wrist bonds by turning back-to-back, they enjoy more success when Cassie slips out of her pumps and picks at her partner's wrist ropes with her bare toes.

CHAD's a law-abiding young man, so when Officer ERIKA JORDAN approaches him and declares that he's guilty of a parking violation, he meekly allows her to take him into custody. Chad's also not very observant or he would have noted that Erika's uniform isn't exactly standard police attire; by the time he becomes suspicious it's too late! Erika sneaks him off the street into a seedy motel, ties and tape- gags him, then plays with his muscular body!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Playing a kinky interrogator who wields a flogger while dressed in bra, panties and heels, HAYDEN HAWKENS whacks the butt of an already bound and gagged TRAVIS, then joins him in ropework on the floor when the script decrees that she's a failure at her vocation! And on the MIB side, ALEX hits it off with LENA SHELBY at a party and takes her home. She promises him a fun kinky time with only one rule - she gets to tie him up. Lena ties Alex to the bed spread-eagle and tapes his mouth shut. Now the fun begins for Alex, right?

When LENA SHELBY rejects GUNNAR's demand that they engage in bondage play with another couple, the big bully ties and gags her and crows that she'll soon have company in captivity. He's correct that there'll be a bound and gagged couple, but mistaken about the identity of the victim, who turns out to be him! Now trussed up in his underwear and ball-gagged, indignant Gunnar kneels on the couch facing bare- breasted Lena, while the treacherous couple takes pictures and mocks the unhappy pair.

When CHAD's protests become too abusive, ERIKA JORDAN gags him with a dirty old cleaning rag, then casually slips off her shoes, sits on the work-table and bosses him with her bare feet! Chad's pain-and-pleasure meter hits an all-time high when Erika gleefully massages his throbbing package with her colorful toes!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! CALI LOGAN and her lover DEREK are discovered together by her angry husband and forced into bondage. Cali and Derek are tied chest to chest with cleave gags in their mouths to keep them quiet. And on the MIB side, DEVON MARSH is a talk show host who is sick and tired of her obnoxious guest "Dance King" ANTON. Back from commercial break, Anton is bound, cleave gagged and forced to hop around for her and the audience!

In this vintage set, FRANK and AMBER MICHAELS are tied to chairs in their underwear and securely ball-gagged. Tied face-to-face, they get a front row view of each other's bound and gagged plight.

It's hard to blame CHAD for getting a little too hands-on with ultra-hot secretary ERIKA JORDAN, but that assertive young lady's not going to put up with his crap! And unfortunately for muscular Chad, Erika's a trained ju-jitsu instructor, so she has no trouble overpowering her astonished supervisor, then binding him to the chair!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Well to do couple, GEORGIA JONES and TONY pay the price for their flashy lifestyle from envious friends with a restricting hogtie and red tape gags! And on the MIB side, Jilted blonde SAMANTHA RYAN takes out her aggression on bound boyfriend NIGEL. After exposing his bare chest, she slaps him hard with a leather strap and even inflicts uncomfort by twisting his sensitive nipples.

Both LENA SHELBY and GUNNAR are gagged with duct tape over self-adhesive and sit facing each other; Lena uses her talented toes to pluck at Gunnar's ankle bonds and gag, finally succeeding in pulling down the latter so he can call for help!

The DANGEROUS DIVA treats RICHARD to an outdoor interlude, but he doesn't seem to be enjoying the fresh air -- perhaps because he's tape-gagged and tied to a tree wearing nothing but very skimpy underwear! The Diva certainly doesn't aid Richard's peace of mind when she wickedly threatens his manhood, first with garden shears, then with massive bolt cutters!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Business partners MELISSA JACOBS and AARON are bound together in their office during a document heist. Their calls for help are muffled by tape gags as they struggle on top of a wooden desk. And on the MIB side, Overheard complaining about his job, MILES is bound and gagged in the office by his boss JAMIE ANN MARTIN.

CHAD and ERIKA JORDAN were at work when they were surprised by a criminal couple who invaded their office. The man had just broken his girlfriend out of jail so after Chad was tied to the chair and gagged, the gangster girl stripped Erika of her clothing and trussed her up on top of the work table. After the intruders left, Erika began to pick away at Chad's bondage with her toes but progress was slow!

The fun and games ends when LENA SHELBY places tape over GUNNAR's mouth and then taunts the muscular guy, icing his torso, as he writhes against the tree!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Note to philanderers: Better avoid the hanky-panky if your better half is a rope- mistress! Otherwise, you could find yourself in JOHN's humiliating predicament, sitting tied and tape-gagged on the edge of the bed with similarly roped and silenced co-conspirator ELLE ALEXANDRA squirming naked next to him! Now maybe that doesn't sound so bad, but be aware that John's angry spouse later ratchets up the bondage by hogtying the couple and leaving them to repent their sinful behavior! And, flame-tressed SOPHIE NOVA emerges unncertainly from the doorway, her negligee-clad torso tautly roped and a cloth tied between her ruby lips! Moments later, HARVEY LAKE follows in Sophie's footsteps; wearing nothing but briefs, also bound and gagged, Harvey walks after Sophie! But escape's not in the cards for the unfortunate couple -- after they're finally cornered, Sophie and Harvey twist in separate tethered webs on the floor while the evil-doers go about their business!

  • Please enjoy these SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from our latest release MEAN GIRLS LOVE TICKLISH BOYS!

    CASSIE LAINE tickles the hell out of a tightie whitie wearing PATRICK after he's tied lengthwise on the bed, his hands and feet roped to the bed-frame. And, In one of the sexiest MIB tickle scenes ever, KIRK makes two significant discoveries: 1) He's actually very ticklish; 2) luscious girlfriend BAILEY BLUE really enjoys tickling him until he begs for mercy -- then ignores his agonized pleas!

GUNNAR loses a football bet to LENA SHELBY, guess he's not as much of a jock as he'd like to think. Now, she's able to do anything she wants to him and it doesn't take long for the crafty blonde to come up with an exciting idea... for her at least! Luckily, Gunnar is a good sport and allows her to bind him to a tree, but that's not all Lena's got in store!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! LUKE and HANNAH THURMAN are TV reporters who are doing a story on indifference among the public. They have themselves tied up and cleave gagged in a car to see who will come to their rescue. The two reporters and their viewers find out that things are worse than even they thought! On the MIB side, Tied to a tree next to a bees nest DARREN finds out that crossing his wife AIMEE ADDISON is not a good idea. Not only does she tie him to a tree full of bees but she also gags is big mouth with a ball gag.

The massive loot retrieved wasn't enough for the intruder and while he searches for more, he leaves CALI LOGAN (completely nude) and LANCE (still in his boxer briefs) struggling in bed, roped to each other, head to foot!

GUNNAR finds bound and gagged LENA SHELBY sitting in the window seat next to the empty safe, then joins her in bondage!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ETHAN and CARLI BANKS find that their new apartment isn't that secure as an ex- tenant breaks in and ties them spread-eagle to the bed and tape gags their mouths shut! On the MIB side, Bookworm ASHLYN JAMESON is vying for the attention of wrestling captain DOLPH but when he refuses her advances she uses her knowledge of knots and ties his ass to the couch and takes pictures of him for her facebook page.

LENA SHELBY has a ball teasing a helpless GUNNAR with her perky bare breasts before tickling his sensitive feet!

There's no way out for the unlucky pair; hogties minimize ASHLEY ROSE and KB's already limited mobility, though the naked Ashley (in particular arches) impressively against inescapable ropework!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! KAYDEN KROSS finally has what she's been looking for, unfortunatly someone else is looking for the same thing and he's willing to do anything -including binding the beauty and her partner AARON! On the MIB side, T.J. gets a surprise at a photo shoot when he is bound and cleave gagged by LIELANI.

Stretched out on the purple platform in his underwear, GUNNAR is tied down, cleave-gagged and waiting for a good time with sexy blonde LENA SHELBY. We hope getting blue balls counts as "fun" because there's gonna be some chest sitting, bare breasted teasing before the laughter really begins!!

The tight ropes around his shorts-clad body finally wake MARK from his stupor, just in time for KEIRA KELLY to tape his mouth, then use her strong fingers to dig uncomfortably into his musculature! The vengeful masseuse also ices Mark as he squirms and grunts angrily, then walks away from her job and the bound and gagged client.
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! DYLAN loses a bet on a pool game to dark-haired dominant EDANYA. When he can't pay up, he gets tied up with the threat of a pool cue pounding on his bare feet! And, TALON was in a daze. Was he dreaming? A sweet scent filled the air, but no matter how hard he tried, Talon couldn't get his eyes to open to see what was going on. Everything was dark and he heard a soft spoken female voice talking (PRISCILLA MILAN). Also his wrists were tied behind his back. Slowly it came to him, he wasn't having a weird dream! Talon had been nabbed!

  • Please enjoy these SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from our latest release COUPLES IN CAPTIVITY... remember it's on sale for just a few more days!

    ASHLYN JAMESON and her man DOLPH are no match for the magic ropes of Nikki Nefarious! Already roped to a chair and tape-gagged, shirtless Dolph groans when Nikki arrives with little Ashlyn, whose hands are tied behind her back; she's also gagged with white tape. While Dolph strains against his bonds, Nikki swiftly ball- ties Ashlyn in an amazing exhibition of rigging skills. The helpless couple try to maneuver close so they can loosen each other's bonds, but the jig's up once barefoot Ashlyn loses her balance and falls onto her side! And, When AARON searches for his abducted girlfriend CASSIE LAINE, he finds the jeans-and-shirt wearing girl seated on a grimy workbench in a garage, her petite body roped to a wooden post and a thick black cloth tied over her mouth! Within moments, Aaron's sitting tied and cleave-gagged on the bench near Cassie; after plenty of twisting and turning, Aaron's positioned so that Cassie can pluck at his wrist bonds with her bare toes, but the unhappy couple remains benched!

Victimized by stealthy villains, naked CASSIE LAINE and shorts-clad HARVEY lie on their stomachs next to each other on the bed, gagged with tape and bound hand and foot! Their mobility's hampered by ropes tethering their ankles to the bed's headframe; the unhappy couple's predicament worsens when the tethers are used to hogtie them! Cassie rolls on her side to bring herself closer to Harvey, but they remain in taut restraint.

For this week only, the full video and every clip from our latest release COUPLES IN CAPTIVITY are on sale!!

  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! LUKE thought he would get away with his home invasion attempt after he had MIKO SINZ hogtied and tape gagged. But surprise surprise another burglar also had the same idea and Luke ends up with Miko in helpless captivity! Poor AARON in for a world of humiliation when he attempts to get cute girlfriend CASSIE LAINE interested in bondage! Cassie quickly shrugs off his feeble ropework, then does a much more efficient job of tying him up! Once Aaron's helpless, tiny Cassie has a ball teasing him with her bare feet, even jamming them into his mouth! Once playtime's over, she casually tape-gags him and leaves him struggling!

After the intruder finds his loot, he ball-gags and reties the helpless honeymooners in the bedroom with LANCE roped to a dresser and CALI LOGAN seated on top of it before she's hogtied.

DANGEROUS DIVA and RICHARD continue to loathe their bondage-induced proximity when they stand balancing uneasily. An uneasy truce ensues as they attempt to scrape the duct tape off each other's faces and finger wrist ropes that refuse to budge; their balance problems become a thing of the past when they're hogtied side-by-side on a bed!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! TIM LOGAN is the best private detective in LA. When the underworld uses his pretty secretary, HOLLY MANNING, as bait, they get the drop on him, knock him out and when he awakes he finds himself tied up in the front seat of his convertible while his secretary sits helplessly tied in the back seat! On the MIB side, ALEX is hogtied in his underwear and tickled by the beautiful LENA SHELBY.

When they return, the villain grumps that CALI LOGAN was no use, so both are bound and gagged after Cali strips naked and LANCE to his underwear; despite the lotus ties, the pair squirm close to each other and go after their wrist ropes. Caught in the act, they're then linked together.

Masseuse KEIRA KELLY dreads the drama when MARK shows up because he tends to get grabby and make suggestive remarks. So Keira prepares a very special massage for her problem client and when he rolls in drunk, he makes it easy to carry out her overpowering, rope filled scheme!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! An artsy photographer has a vision for GISELLA MORENO and RAY's photo session that neither had expected, Gisella tied to a chair and Ray at her feet bound by rope and mouth kept shut with tape. On the MIB side, bank manager TONY is being held for ransom by ruthless criminal GEORGIA JONES. Helpless Tony has been blindfolded, tape gagged and bound on the bed, but once the blindfold comes off, Tony is treated to quite a show!

In this vintage set, DALLAS fantasizes about being tied up with the girl of his dreams - MACKENZIE MONTGOMERY. You know, sometimes dreams do come true!

It's been a rough night at KB and ASHLEY ROSE's place -- bad guys on the premises have tied and tape-gagged the couple, who roll around desperately on the floor in search of an escape route!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! WOLF HUDSON thinks he a pretty tough drug dealer and his young and naive girlfriend PRESLEY HART is awfully impressed with him. Presley finds out first hand that there is always someone tougher and meaner because when Wolf doesn't come up with a payment, she and Wolf get bound, tape gagged and humiliated by their tough guy captor! On the MIB side, MELISSA JACOBS has fun tying innocent college student AARON to a chair, tape gags his mouth and holds him for ransom.

It began as a marvelous opportunity for DANGEROUS DIVA to subjugate a man with her ruthless energy and peerless bondage skills; now it ends in unprecedented humiliation for the Diva as she continues to share RICHARD's captivity! Although she's allowed to remain in costume while the unfortunate man wriggles once more in his underwear, her frustration is obvious as they stand literally cornered. A bitter pill indeed for this vibrant dominatrix to be so forcefully dominated!

Newlyweds CALI LOGAN and LANCE bought a fixer-upper in a questionable neighborhood, but it was there first home and a fresh start for their new life. The weekend was suppose to be spent renovating, but a bad guy forces his way in and tells Cali and Lance that the house used to be a location where stolen cash was hidden; and he's here to get it! While Cali assists him in looking around the house for the package, Lance is tied to a chair and gagged!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! CAROLINE WARNER and BLAKE lose a match to a pool shark and when they can't pay, he binds them until he can find someone who will pay him! On the MIB side, We don't often feature nude guys being tickled, but this is how XARA DIAZ wanted poor BEN before she tickled him and who were we to argue?!

Catching DEREK off-guard, CHLOE LYNN hogties and tape-gags him after stripping him to his briefs, then she uses his helpless body as a foot stool, laughing on the phone that he'll be the embarrassment now!

Unnerved by threats against the helpless KEIRA KELLY, MARK finally caves to the henchmen's demands, then is stripped to his shorts, tape-gagged and tied next to her!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS!! A neighbor who's angered by their noisy partying strikes back against KIMBERLY GATES and JOHNNY by tying them side-by-side to a stairway railing! Both Kimberly and Johnny are gagged with white tape; the dark- haired beauty's naked while her guy's stripped to shorts and socks! The stunned captives protest noisily against their bizarre punishment as they stand inches apart and twist in ropework that refuses to release its grip on their limbs! On the MIB side, Bad girl KAYDEN KROSS uses her naked body to tease and torment her bound captive. AARON is tied up in only his underwear with a ball-gag in his mouth and Kayden feet in his face.

HARVEY's dating CASSIE LAINE but still has a weakness for the ladies, especially blondes! So when one comes knocking on his door, Harvey can't resist cheating on Cassie -- or would have if the shrewd burglaress hadn't tied hapless Harvey to a chair in his underwear and taped his mouth before helping herself to the couple's valuables, leaving him for Cassie to find!

Todays update features a scene from our newest video available DANGEROUS DIVA DOMINATES A DUDE!
Bitter humiliation replaces sadistic pleasure for the DIVA when she sits on the floor, roped back-to-back with her one-time victim! Both she and the half-naked RICHARD mouth thick black cleave gags as they mutter angrily at each other while the Queen Of Crime's dissatisfied client castigates her for failing to carry out her assignment.
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS!! DALLAS finds himself tied and tape gagged between to two beautiful women - SUMMER LONG and MACKENZIE MONTGOMERY! All three struggle as best they can, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good at all. On the MIB side, Peeping tom FRANK is caught in the act by JULIE SIMONE and taught a lesson by getting tied to a chair, tape gagged. Juile proceeds to draw all over his face with make-up and take pictures of him for everyone to see.

The Diva doubles down on RICHARD's gag by stuffing his mouth with cloth, wrapping self-adhesive around his head and covering it with black tape that matches the rope that restrains his limbs. Once he's silenced and helpless, the Woman In Black roughly handles his torso and yanks cruelly on the string stretched between his big toes!

DEREK is a verbal abuser who's especially uptight because his folks are coming to visit. CHLOE LYNN finally loses patience when he harshly criticizes her and warns her not to embarrass him with her low-class behavior!
  • By special request, here's an all tickling VIDEO CLIPS update!! SHAY RUSKIN and male-friend JAY are tied face-to- face, completely unable to move. This gives Heather Stewart plenty of opportunity to tickle the both of them without mercy and without consequence! On the MIB side, RAY is tied up in only shorts while former Penthouse Pet of the Year JAMIE LYNN has a tickle feast on his bound body!

RICHARD begins to realize just how much misery this catsuited villainess can cause him after he's stripped to his briefs and rigorously bound to a chair!

With big money at stake, ruthless henchmen play hardball with corporate whistleblower MARK! Even though he's bound and blindfolded, Mark refuses to reveal where he's hidden incriminating information, but when the blindfold's removed, he's shocked to find his frightened fiancee KEIRA KELLY roped naked to a chair and tape-gagged!
  • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Surprised while she slumbers, a tightly-bound and bandanna-gagged RANDY MOORE is soon wide-awake and struggling energetically in her bra and panties! Before long, boxer-clad boyfriend JOHN joins her in bondage and the hogtied couple rolls around noisily on their bed; during the action, Randy's breasts are bared! On the MIB side, MATT is caught peeping on a bikini clad sun bathing FANTASIA FERRER! She is disgusted and has him tied up to a nearby post. Then she gets back down on the ground and continues with her tan!
  • RICHARD protests that he doesn't owe anyone, but the DANGEROUS DIVA isn't buying his protest; she simply tapes his mouth, hogties him on a couch and lets him squirm!

    While a spread-eagled HARVEY twists and grunts in captivity, CASSIE LAINE crawls around the bed enjoying his distress as her tiny feet caress his face and body!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! SADIE MOREAU and JONATHAN are hogtied side by side and their mouths are gagged with fruit. On the MIB side, Laughter fills the house when NIGEL's sexy room-mates SAMANTHA RYAN and KARLIE MONTANA team up to tickle the underwear clad bloke.

    In this vintage set, cleave gagged couple, MIKE and KAYLYNN CALLOWAY are tied up in close quarters - so close that Kaylynn's bare feet begin to rub against Mike's crotch causing him quite a bit of embarrassment.

    DANGEROUS DIVA (aka Loren Chance) is hired by a shady client to put the pressure on RICHARD, who owes him a substantial sum of money. The Diva's happy to take a job where she's well paid to use her bondage skills. After overpowering the poor guy as he walks through the door, Diva trusses him up as she explains why she's paying him a visit.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Pretty brunette CALI LOGAN and CHRIS get to know their new neighbors really well when they are bound and gagged by them poolside. On the MIB side, Ah, thinks PEDRO, nothing as relaxing as a good massage -- except when his wacko ex-girlfriend GEORGIA JONES puts the masseuse on ice, then KOs him and ropes him to the massage table! While shorts-clad Pedro writhes in bondage, Georgia sits in a window-seat and has the time of her life rubbing her bare feet over his body and forcing him to mouth her toes! Once the foot- worship's concluded, Georgia gags the alarmed Pedro with duct tape, produces a lighter and maneuvers it ever closer to his squirming body! Pedro's predicament grows hotter by the moment -- how will Georgia's reign of terror end?

    KEIRA KELLY enters a contest to win a $50,000 home makeover and is ecstatic when she wins. When the workers show up, Keira and hubby MARK PAUL receive an ugly surprise: Their home will be made over alright, but by larcenous thugs removing everything in the house that's not bolted down -- and quite a few that are! As an added bonus, the crooks get to enjoy the crestfallen couple squirming on a couch; Keira's nude and Mark dressed only in his underwear. Trussed up with black rope and gagged with brown tape, husband and wife murmur unhappily as their property walks away; before leaving, the thieves tether Kiera wrist-to-ankle and Mark chest-to-ankle.

    With each crack of the crop, KB winces in painful pleasure as ASHLEY ROSE smiles on!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Poor MICHELLE CURTIS and VINCE get mugged while strolling through the park. They've been sitting on a park bench for over an hour now pennyless, bound and tape gagged. On the MIB side, Crude and callous REGINA BARTKOWSKI double-crosses her partner in crime, CHAD. The blonde beauty ends up with all the loot while Chad is left chair bound and cleave gagged!

    After forcing MARK PAUL to suck her toes and lick her soles, the Sorceress KEIRA KELLY no longer needs to use his mouth so she tape-gags him, makes him kneel before her and teases him with her pretty pussy!

    After being brought to her bound boyfriend DEREK the loanshark orders CHLOE LYNN to undress; Derek still claims he's broke but after the thug menaces naked, bound and tape-gagged Chloe, he changes his tune!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! News anchors HEATHER HARPER and DAVID get bound and tape gagged after getting caught horsing around in the studio by the news director. On the MIB side, While relaxing at home RANDY MOORE is confronted by an intruder ALEXANDER with pussy on the brain. After subduing this asshole she binds him up with rope, shuts his mouth with duct tape and enjoys her victory.

    MARK PAUL gets turned on watching a provocative program on the tube and begins to imagine a steamy encounter with the lead character, a sexy Sorceress! But when Sorceress KEIRA KELLY hijacks Mark's fantasy, the muscular young stud is shocked to find himself stripped to his underwear and struggling in bondage while Keira toys with him!

    HARVEY's angry to find that CASSIE LAINE is dating an older man so he confronts them. Cassie's new boyfriend pretends to be friendly and takes him aside while Cassie waits for them to discuss the situation. But when they return, Cassie's shocked to see that Harvey's tied and tape-gagged; her new man points out that he's clearly better-suited to take care of her!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! A malicious mastermind forces PRESLEY HART to join WOLF in awkward captivity, her slender body deprived of clothing, her wrists tied separately to her ankles and her mouth taped! With Presley's bare feet and pussy inches from Wolf's face, it's difficult to tell if his cleave gagged moans express pain or pleasure! On the MIB side, Bare chested K.D. is trapped in stocks and with sensitive feet are tickled by NIKKI NEFARIOUS.

    • We received a special request for SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS from a classic: MY BROTHER: THE MIB!
      ADAMS's school buddy shows up. He is embarrassed that Adam allowed his puny sister to bind and gag him. He grabs the ANN HARLOW and ties her up and gags her. He then brings in the bound Adam and makes them try to free each other. Poor Adam doesn't know what to do - struggle around with his naked sister or try to get free before their parents get home! On the MIB side, ANN ties and gags ADAM to and performs a striptease for him. After all, this is what he wanted anyway, isn't it? She tells him that if his dick gets hard she is going to punish him. If he remains flaccid, then she will let him go. Horny Adam can't control himself - he gets hard as a rock.

    Gambling addict DEREK's dug himself a deep hole with a dangerous loanshark, who decides to collect the debt by putting the squeeze on Derek. Stripped to his briefs and tied to a chair, Derek begs for mercy but claims he doesn't have the money to pay off his debt. The loanshark then surprises his debtor by producing his terrified girlfriend CHLOE LYNN!!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ROSE BANCROFT and ROB are ambushed by robbers and left tape gagged and tied up on the floor. On the MIB side, Sorceress PEPPER KESTER casts a sleep spell on rival warlock MICKEY SPEARS ties him up on the floor, cleave gags him and steps all over him with her bare feet.

    Done with the teasing, KEIRA KELLY goes full tickle mode on MARK PAUL! Keira Kelly works him over from neck to soles; he's not a wild screamer but Keira elicits muted squeals and spasmodic movements in his bondage!

    ASHLEY ROSE is crazed with power so she torments KB by taping his mouth and using her crop to emphasize who's the top and who's the bottom (Hint: If there's any confusion, the bottom's the one wriggling around in his underwear)!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! In the office, DALLAS fantasizes about being tied up with the girl of his dreams - MACKENZIE MONTGOMERY. You know, sometimes dreams do come true! On the MIB side, Opinions may vary widely, but most guys would find CHLOE LYNN's bare feet mighty appealing! Not her boyfriend KB, though, who dislikes luscious blonde Chloe's tootsies so much that he angrily demands that she cover them up when he finds her curled up barefoot on the couch! Instead, the insulted Chloe strikes back by tying up KB and administers shock treatment by forcing him to lick and suck her naked toes and soles!

    Bound to a massage table in his boxer briefs isn't the worse thing to happen to MARK PAUL... no, the worse thing is a toss up between being tickled by KEIRA KELLY when he's most vulnerable or having her lovely breasts dangling in his face without being able to touch them!!

    At a corporate retreat, CASSIE LAINE and HARVEY LAKE are teamed up for a trust exercise that seats them in bound and gagged proximity on a low wall outdoors! Told that they'll be judged on how well they co-operate, the two captives struggle side-by-side as they attempt to communicate through taped lips.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Drug dealers AIMEE ADDISON and DARREN make a big mistake when they don't sell to a desperate user. Aimee is first tied to a chair and cleave gagged, when Darren gets back from making a drug run he is hogtied and cleave gagged. They both watch helplessly as their blue haired menace makes off with their money and stash. On the MIB side, JAKE RYAN loves to be tickled and LENA SHELBY loves to tickle so she puts him in stocks to tickle his sensitive underarms and feet.

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! LENA SHELBY's husband MAX enjoyed coin-collecting and it seemed like a harmless hobby -- until thieves invaded their home and made Lena a hostage to force Max to open his safe and turn over the precious metal! Tied up and cleave-gagged, Lena sits wide-eyed and fearful on the couch as her man finally gives in to the heartless criminals! Once they've got their hands on the loot, Max joins Lena in bondage; as a final mean-spirited touch, they expose the helpless girl's breasts and leave the couple to struggle toward their release! On the MIB side, Sizzling with anger, SOPHIE NOVA imagines her manly man tied up on the floor, where she gags him with a sponge. After slipping off her pumps and rubbing her bare feet on HARVEY's body and face, Sophie crowns her emasculation of her hubby by tying her apron around his waist!

    CHLOE LYNN enjoys her dominant role, so she straddles boyfriend DEREK, who's also turned on, and leans close so she can maneuver her breast into his mouth.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Stripped naked with nothing but ropes wrapped around her body, KAYDEN KROSS looks helplessly at her bound beau AARON and wishes he could save her. On the MIB side, Poor TIMMY is bound and tape gagged in a car trunk by NOELLE NASH.

    It takes a little convincing, batting of her big blue eyes and soft whispers to the ears, but adorable CHLOE LYNN talks DEREK into letting her tie him up and once he's bound on the bed, Chloe teases him with her bare feet and makes him suck her toes!

    Trussed-up in his briefs and tape-gagged, the cringing sub struggles next to ASHLEY ROSE, then KB gets to know her up close and personal when they're roped face to face!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! HAYDEN HAWKENS and TRAVIS make the surprising discovery that some realtors aren't entirely honest -- and some are entirely dishonest! It's one of the latter who puts the unhappy couple in a bind from which they work diligently but futilely to free themselves! Tied together on a couch, Travis and Hayden twist vigorously while reaching out with bound hands to each other! Her lithe body nude and dominated by taut ropes, her lips sealed with pink tape, Hayden's an exceptional vision of femininity courageously battling restraint! On the MIB side, High ranking Army officer RAY gets his kicks getting bound and gagged by his subordinates. But when his girlfriend LEXI BLOOM finds him tied to post with no pants she humiliates him further with insults before leaving him forever.

    CHANTEL OSMOND and MILES are taking a tropical vacation only to get trussed up and cleave gagged by robbers in their 5 star hotel room!!

    There's been a break-in at the dungeon and now Mistress ASHLEY ROSE experiences that bound and gagged feeling! Ball-gagged and crotch-roped, Ashley writhes in unhappy solitude until slave KB joins her!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! RIO is a ladies man and is tracked down by his suspicious girlfriend while he tries to snuggle up with GWEN STANLEY. The couple are hog-tied and cleave gagged in bed! On the MIB side, ROB LOVES feet, especially JUSTINE SANDS pretty peds! All he wants to do is give her a massage and he won't take no for an answer. Unfortunately, Justine is only in the mood to make him suffer. She gets her horny guy bound and gagged, then makes him watch her suck on her own toes! Occasionally she does him a favor and rubs her luscious toes over his face!

    It turns out that muscular DEREK's nerve-endings are very susceptible to stimulation, so CHLOE LYNN takes great pleasure in tickling the hell out of him!

    AARON is in a bind again, this time stretched out on the couch in his briefs so that CARISSA MONTGOMERY can play a tune on his body with her bare feet! Later, Carissa ratchets up the domination by removing Aaron's gag and jamming her toes in his mouth!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! It had rained for the last two weeks and finally there was a little ray of sun, so REINA wanted to spend the day outside with KYLE, but neither expected to be robbed in the park and left bound to a bench! On the MIB side, CALI LOGAN punishes her boy servant CHRIS by tickling him ruthlessly on his bare feet, ribs and armpits.

    ASHLEY ROSE continues her punishment of KB with nipple-twisting and spanking before taking a blatantly conciliatory approach by jamming her impressive boobs in her boss's face!

    Unfortunately CHLOE LYNN and DEREK went to an unscrupulous character who convinces them that the best way to work on their trust issues is to experience mutual helplessness! Of course, he also suggests minimal clothing so a nude Chloe and underwear-clad Derek soon kneel bound and gagged on a bed; the con-man counselor spouts psycho-babble at the couple while taking plenty of pictures!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! When you've got a bone to pick with a guy and he keeps ducking you, there's a drastic method for getting his attention: Take his girlfriend hostage! That's how BAILEY BLUE wound up pinioned to a long legged chair in her pretty pink dress, her ankles roped back on each side and lips sealed with duct-tape over self-adhesive! Understandably emotional, Bailey whimpers and squirms on her perch until KIRK comes to the rescue! But Kirk's not equal to his heroic role, so when the dust clears, he stands stripped to his shorts, tied and gagged as he faces his hapless girlfriend, whose breasts have been liberated from her dress! On the MIB side, Despite her impressive record at his company,NIGEL fires HOLLY MANNING forcing her to vow revenge. After knocking Nigel over the head Holly ties him up, stuffs a cleave gag in his mouth and leaves him to suffer in his bondage.

    In this vintage set, room-mates SHANNON, TIMMY AND LUKAS are captured by a thief and the trio are bound with the arms high up in the air and cleave gags in their mouths!

    ASHLEY ROSE is a desperate woman and she's forced to hold KB captive until she can change his mind! Once she's tied up and tape gagged her befuddled boss, she punishes him for even considering terminating her!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Housekeeper ARIELLA FERRARA gets caught fooling around on the job with her boyfriend and instead of getting fired she and DEVON get the rope treatment and up tied and tape gagged on the floor. On the MIB side, It's not exactly an ethical strategy, but oppressed housewives everywhere may be tempted to follow the example of cunning TIFFANY MARSHALL, who hogties hapless JOHN, tapes his mouth, then relieves him of his wallet so she can go on a shopping spree!

    No one said relationships were easy, everyone's got their issues, even young couples like CHLOE LYNN and DEREK. After a number of years together, Chloe discovered Derek's obsession with porn and started questioning whether she knew him at all. The troubled duo decided the only way to regain trust was to go to a new age therapy suggested by a friend.

    ASHLEY ROSE panics when slick boss KB gives her the bad news that she's terminated! Because KB hasn't informed higher-ups at the company of his decision, Ashley comes up with a crazy and desperate plan!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! A kidnapping leaves Ron, the son of a wealthy banker, and his girlfriend DANI DANIELS tied up and gagged in a dirty garage! To add insult to injury Dani is stripped naked and RON is tied in only his underwear as they struggle tied to a post - tape gagged. On the MIB side, Poor helpless MARK gets taken advantage of by a horny APRIL KELLY! She explores his bound body with her pretty little feet!

    Hogtied, ball-gagged and looking for a rescue, nude SOPHIE NOVA has one hope and that is HARVEY. Unfortunatly, before he could get her untied, he is subdued and get's himself in a similiar predicament! Now the bound couple struggle side by side with no one to help!

    Clad in corset and boots, super-dominant ASHLEY ROSE makes KB scream with laughter by hogtying the hapless male in his briefs and tickling him from bare soles to vulnerable underarms!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! VERONIQUE VEGA's husband CHARLIE finds out why the pool man is still coming by with winter approaching. His young wife and her paramour get caught and punished with restrictive ropes and tight tape gags! On the MIB side, LUKE is bound to a post with his bare soles straight up in the air. Ruthless HANNAH THURMAN, places ice cubes on his vulnerable soles. He'd cry out for help, but Hannah has him securely tape gagged!

    Handsome couple AARON and CARISSA MONTGOMERY squirm through an ugly evening when the insurance salesman they invited to their home turns out to be a ruthless rope-wizard in search of loot. The stripped and bound pair at first deny that they have anything worth stealing, but kneeling face-to-face in speechless restraint for an hour loosens tongues after the tape-gags are removed! The coin collection now just a wistful memory and their gags back in place, Carissa and Aaron squirm on the couch in tethered restraint.

    Todays update features a scene from our newest video available BOUND, GAGGED AND HELPLESS MIBS!
    After gagging KB with his own bandanna, ASHLEY ROSE tosses him on the floor and digs her spiked heels into him while he howls! KB's suffering diminishes when Ashley slips off her heels and dominates him with her bare feet, but he doesn't seem to appreciate the punitive blonde's size-11 soles parked on his face!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Trapped in a empty room hapless duo CALI LOGAN and LANCE are hogtied by a female assailant on a dirty mattress. On the MIB side, It's a learning experience for both HEATHER HARPER and DAVID. While one learns how much being tickled isn't very funny, the other begins to love being the ticklee.

    A classic set filled with 3 lovely favorites... Husband and wife, KYLE STONE and MACKENZIE MONTGOMERY fall into the clutches of two desperate female criminals (HEATHER STEWART and SHAYLA STEVENS). They find themselves tied hand and foot and cleave gagged side-by-side!

    KB makes a huge mistake by breaking into ASHLEY ROSE's home! When Amazonian Ashley catches KB in the midst of the attempted burglary, she overpowers and binds him, then inflicts nasty nipple torture while her captive whines and begs to be released! But Ashley's on a roll!!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! JORDAN wants to convince a pair of sinister friends that he's a kinky bad boy so he tricks innocent little JENNA J. ROSS into bare-breasted bondage, then invites them to watch his slave struggle! What naive Jordan doesn't grasp, however, is that he's Slave #2 in their eyes, a reality that's driven home to him as he squirms on the bed next to Jenna while his "friends" comment clinically on their trussed-up and tape-gagged prisoners! On the MIB side, BAILEY BLUE fakes a distress to get herself into DANE CROSS's home. Bailey grabs Dane, ties him up, tapes his mouth shut and teases him with her body and bare feet.

    Stripped down to their undies, ultra busty CARRISSA MONTGOMERY and AARON are efficiently roped and tape-gagged and the couple struggle up close and personal!

    Cruel KIMBERLY GATES dials up the tease-ometer by smilingly thrusting her naked breasts in his face while he eyes her nipples and moans in futile admiration! Mocking JOHNNY for his inability to take advantage of her charms, Kimberly leaves him struggling on the carpet, but returns later to assure him that she's only begun to make him squirm!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Super hot JENAVEVE JOLIE and her friend KRIS are the victims of a female burglar! She comes through their unlocked door and berates them of their stupidity. The two captives are bound topless (Jenaveve is completely nude) and cleave gagged on the living room floor! On the MIB side, DEVON MARSH ties JOHN up and cleave gags his mouth and locks him in a closet.

    It's a black day for submissive AARON, who's bound with black rope and gagged with black tape by Mistress CARISSA MONTGOMERY, who of course wears black lingerie and heels!

    Before leaving, the wacko tethers his fearful captives to the widely-separated legs of their couch; ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN's short white nighty has disappeared, her panties have slipped down to her ankles and her bare breasts are framed with rope!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Right from the get-go, there's no question that evil-doers are in the building because there's sweet little CASSIE LAINE wriggling tied and tape-gagged in her nighty on top of a safe! Cassie doesn't have the combination, so the impatient bad guys must wait until her guy Aaron returns home; after he opens the safe, AARON joins Cassie in bondage! Once they're alone, the spunky little prisoner uses her bare toes to work on Aaron's wrist ropes; unsuccessful in her efforts, Cassie slides onto the floor and continues to struggle against intractable ropework! On the MIB side, No-nonsense cat burglar RANDY MOORE completely intimidates JOHN, whom she forces to kneel before tying and tape-gagging the faint-hearted young man! Once Randy's emptied his safe and scrammed with the loot, the bound and gagged victim rolls around on the floor in an unsuccessful effort to escape his restraint!

    Stretching out her legs, GEORGIA JONES dominates her unfortunate ex with her bare feet before jamming her toes into his mouth to emphasize his humiliation! After he's gagged with duct tape, PEDRO doesn't have to worry about sucking Georgia's toes any longer, but his own feet are in jeopardy once she pulls out a cigarette lighter!

    Well-known painist, AARON is taking a break at his home when CARISSA MONTGOMERY surprises and abducts him. He's bound and gagged to a chair and forced to face the camera for a video in which Carissa demands a ransom!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Expecting to hop into bed for a steamy encounter with alluring LENA SHELBY, ALEX is stunned to find her naked, tape-gagged and bound on the bed -- and even more shocked when he's efficiently roped up and gagged in his boxers! Left to themselves by confident captors, Lena and Alex make plenty of hot-fleshed contact during their high-energy but futile efforts at escaping their bondage! On the MIB side, Beat reporter ,FRANK, wants to get all the details on a secretive cult. All he gets is bound on an X-Cross and tape gagged at the hands of JULIE SIMONE!

    Todays update features a scene from our newest video available HOGTIED HONEYMOON!
    Flame-tressed lass SOPHIE NOVA emerges uncertainly from the doorway, her negligee-clad torso tautly roped and a cloth tied between her ruby lips! Her legs free of rope, wide-eyed Sophie gazes around the room, then pads silently away on bare feet as she tries to avoid her captor! Moments later, HARVEY LAKE follows in Sophie's footsteps; wearing nothing but briefs, also bound and gagged!

    KIMBERLY GATES continues her subjugation of JOHNNY by stripping him to his boxers, then rigorously roping him up and gagging him with duct tape! Johnny's powerless to resist when Kimberly slips off her heels and strokes his half-naked body with her bare toes! Also, a brand new Captured Couples video is available HOGTIED HONEYMOON!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Naive housewife MELISSA JACOBS is tricked into bondage by a crazed makeup sales woman. When her husband JIMMY comes home he ends up next to her struggling in rope with a ball-gag shoved in his mouth. On the MIB side, DYLAN is forced into stocks so that JOELEAN TRAVIS can take advantage of his ticklish body!

    HARVEY has made SOPHIE NOVA unhappy and he has to make it up to the fiery red-head by doing as she pleases. And Sophie pleases to have Harvey tied up, taped up and down on the floor as a human foot stool!

    Pulled from their beds by a psycho intruder, ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN and BRAD cower on the floor where they've been bound hand and foot and tape-gagged!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! SHANNON, TIMMY and LUKAS are captured by a thief and the trio are bound with the arms high up in the air and cleave gags in their mouths! On the MIB side, Who would have guessed that dimpled blonde cutie CHLOE LYNN could be such a Mean Girl? Certainly not naive nerd-boy KB, who's thrilled when Chloe asks him over so they can make out! Unfortunately for KB, Chloe's concept of making out centers on dumping him gagged and hogtied on the floor so she can use him as a footstool and otherwise humiliate him with her bare feet!

    Stripped down to his boxers, HARVEY LAKE is bound in a ball-tie and his vulnerable body falls prey to the tickling fingers of a ruthless, masked SOPHIE NOVA!

    Ah, the fury of a woman scorned: GEORGIA JONES replaces PEDRO's masseuse so she can pay him back for dumping her! For Georgia, satisfying revenge requires more effort than a few nasty Facebook postings, so she ties Pedro on his back to the massage table, then goes to work!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! STARR CONWAY is a real estate agent showing houses to her client MARIO when they enter the wrong place and end up chair bound and tape gagged! On the MIB side, Sexy SHAY RUSKIN gives her bound and cleave gagged boyfriend TYLER a striptease to remember!

    KIMBERLY GATES was excited to get a second call back for a big Hollywood movie. She would do anything for the part, until she was told about the new editions to the script. It called for the break-out stars to be bound with Kimberly completely nude and JOHNNY down to his underwear!

    Sizzling with anger, SOPHIE NOVA imagines her manly man tied up on the floor, where she gags him with a sponge. After slipping off her pumps and rubbing her bare feet on HARVEY's body and face, Sophie crowns her emasculation of her hubby by tying her apron around his waist!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! RANDY MOORE does a double-take when she enters the bedroom and finds her muscular middle-aged boyfriend ALEXANDER PAYNE tied to the bed and gagged with green tape! Randy has only a few seconds to watch her struggling man before she becomes part of the bondage tableau; straddling Alexander face-on with her arms and legs bound, lips sealed with red tape, Randy wriggles energetically as first her bra and then her panties disappear! On the MIB side, For once LANA LOPEZ wants to be heard and she'll do whatever it takes to get JAKE to shut up and listen even if she has to tie him up and hand gag him!

    When she's been sufficiently pampered, ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN tethers BRAD's wrists and ankles together and leaves him to roll around on the floor!

    Seated next to each other, bare-skinned BAILEY BLUE is horrified by the re-appearence of the snake, which wraps itself around her body, while boxer-clad KIRK can only watch his girl's noisy struggling! Finally forced to kneel chest-to-chest on the couch, the intimidated couple resolve that their car will get a thorough servicing before their next vacation!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! A former athlete abducts SAMANTHA RYAN and ransoms her for some stolen valuable sports memorabilia. When NIGEL arrives with the goods he is tied up next to Samantha and tape gagged. On the MIB side, Shirtless and barefoot LANCE is tied down to a bare mattress and his sensitive, exposed spots are ruthlessly tickled by CALI LOGAN!

    KIMBERLY GATES dons a domino mask and removes JOHNNY's blindfold. His flesh tingles under Kimberly's probing fingers, Johnny grows aroused, but also feels humiliated by the exotic beauty's dominance!

    BRAD is now ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN's full-fledged foot-slave, kneeling before her as she reclines on the couch! Stripped to his underwear, ball-gagged, hands bound in front, Brad carefully massages and lotions his mistress's soles and toes!
    • There will be no update tomorrow, but for now enjoy SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Heiress JANA JORDAN and her fiance GRAVEN are chair-bound and being held for ransom with the hopes that daddy will come to their rescue! On the MIB side, Lovers TED and JASMINE reminisce about how she used to tie him up and gag him when they were kids. For fun they decide to try it again.
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    PEDRO in his underwear and GEORGIA JONES down to her bare skin -- the duo are ball-gagged and bound side-by-side to a stair railing, where they struggle while their captor has the last laugh!

    It's the proverbial bad news/good news dilemma for JOHNNY -- bad news is that he's a blindfolded, bound and gagged hostage; good news is that he's in the clutches of delectable KIMBERLY GATES! Assigned to be Johnny's keeper, Kimberly decides that she'll pass the time by playing with the helpless boy-toy!
    • Merry Christmas!! We'll be back tomorrow with an all new update!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Movement is limited for the stripped down helpless couple SUE DIAMOND and MICK as they are bound and ball-gagged in bed. On the MIB side, Surprised in his office DEVON is double teamed by Nikki Nefarious and Loren Chance tied to his office chair and gagged with tape.

    After ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN ropes BRAD on the couch, she tapes his mouth, prods him with her bare feet, then teases him with her tits before leaving him to struggle solo!

    Bad girl BAILEY BLUE expertly binds and ball-gags the disillusioned KIRK, then teases him with her breasts and bare feet while his valuables are looted!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Boyfriend and girlfriend AARON and JADE SALERNO have no doubt that they will win a bet that says they can get loose if they are tied up. They probably shouldn't have made that bet. On the MIB side, Feeling like she was being ripped off by home inspector ANTON, DEVON MARSH takes out her frustrations by wacking him on the back of the head and tying him up!

    Crime must be rampant this time a year because KIMBERLY GATES and JOHNNY are victims of a burglary and are also trussed up! The unlucky couple are bound in their undies and their mouthes tape gagged shut!

    ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN has graduated to auctioning hunky males slaves, with BRAD her latest prize on sale! Standing ball-gagged and bound on a stage, Brad appears uncomfortable in nothing but blue briefs as Aleigha turns him in a 360 while praising the physique she's elegantly restrained with black rope!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ISABELLA JANACEK and JAMES are kidnapped, bound and tape gagged. Unfortunately for him, he's blindfolded, but with the help of Isabella's toes he may get a nice peek of her naked bound body yet! On the MIB side, JOHN CAMERON thought his and ELLE ALEXANDRA's budding romance was leading to a sexual encounter but when she got him down to his underwear and tied him up all she wanted to do was hear him shriek with laughter as she tickled his underarms and ribs.

    GEORGIA JONES and PEDRO take pride in their skill as scam artists, but they meet their match when they try to pull the old briefcase switcheroo with a wealthy psychopath! Shocked to find their case empty, the overconfident couple discover the dangers of playing out of their league when they're forced to strip and are bound together! Also, a brand new MIB video is available BAD GIRLS LOVE BOUND BOYS!

    Once KIMBERLY GATES has made the sub-freezing point to her man-slave, she completes her demolition of JOHNNY's manhood by using lipstick to trace red lips on his white tape-gag! Then it's over and out for the haughty raven-haired diva, while he sprawls on his stomach, his ankles still tethered to the headboard, and wriggles pathetically while whimpering for Kimberly to return!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! PRESLEY HART was having a lot of fun dominating trussed and gagged Wolf. Now it's time for her to join WOLF HUDSON - and in a very humiliating position! With Wolf on the floor Presley is tied to a chair with her feet near his face. On the MIB side, GISELLA MORENO loves when she has a bound and tape gagged RAY under her feet.

    BRAD and ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN wager on the outcome of a football game that ends with Aleigha's team winning. To his dismay, Brad pays for his loss with bondage!

    Stripper cop GEORGIA JONES does offer PEDRO an elementary lap-dance by teasing him with her boobs and bottom, but then departs with his laptop and other valuables after hogtying him!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Married BOBBI EDEN is caught in bed with CAIN! Needless to say, her husband isn't thrilled and he ties the lovers in quite a compromising way! On the MIB side, In search of sensual adventure, ANTON permits SAMANTHA RYAN to tie him up in his speedos and ball-gag him! And, if it's domination he's looking for, Samantha doesn't disappoint; after slipping off her shoes, she forcefully presses her bare feet against his face and body! When Samantha uses her talented toes to twist Anton's nipples, you're going to wince like they were your own!

    KIMBERLY GATES reveals a naughty streak when she punishes boy toy JOHNNY! Once Johnny's gagged with a sticky tape and securely trussed, there are no more obstacles for Kimberly's inquisitive fingers and the cold ice cubes she uses to torment him!

    Tethered to a hassock, cleave-gagged cutie ALEIGHA HOTSTEIN breathes a sigh of relief when handsome boyfriend BRAD arrives to rescue her, but the square-jawed stud falls flat as a hero!
    Check out our NEW RELEASES OF THE WEEK, including a brand new Captured Couples video HOT COUPLES IN TIGHT BONDAGE!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! AIMEE ADDISON and DARREN thought it was just another day until two ex-cons storm their home, tie and gag our innocent couple. On the MIB side, LENA SHELBY is at it again tying up young guys - today's victim is ALEX who ends up chair tied and cleave gagged and under Lena's control.

    KIRK is excited because he's on a first date with BAILEY BLUE and everything's going great -- until he hears strange noises from elsewhere in his house! Bailey tries to convince him to ignore the sounds, but when Kirk stays curious, thieves appear, toss their pretty co-conspirator some rope and tell her to tie up the sucker she was trying to divert while they robbed the house!

    Security guard ANTONIO fell asleep at his post giving easy access to musical diva GIA MANCINI and her valuable violin. Both are left huffing and puffing restrained on the couch.
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! FRANK and AMBER MICHAELS are tied to chairs in their underwear and securely ball-gagged. Tied face-to-face, they get a front row view of each other's bound and gagged plight. On the MIB side, Gorgeous and sweet CHANTEL OSMOND has a mean side - just ask chair bound NATE as she tickles him relentlessly!

    With the loot in hand, the overzealous crime partner of GEORGIA JONES binds her naked on the bed next to hapless PEDRO, then taunts the ball-gagged pair before leaving them to writhe in their separate worlds of indignation!

    Although reluctant, MAX plays along because he doesn't want to lose LENA SHELBY; once he's bound and gagged in his boxers, however, he regrets his involvement. Lena, on the other hand, revels in her dominant position by spanking and teasing her helpless husband!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Everybody loves a surprise, but not the kind LENA SHELBY and FRANCISCO walked in on which left them stunned, tied up and gagged over the mouth. On the MIB side, KAYDEN KROSS relishes the compensation she gives herself at the expense of a,AARON, her former employer, humiliated, ball-gagged and bound outdoors.

    Stripper cop GEORGIA JONES does a number on client PEDRO after seductively assuring him that he'll enjoy her performance even more if he strips down to his boxers! Pedro allows Georgia to cuff his hands behind him and tape his mouth, which turns out to be a major mistake on his part!

    Things never end well when attractive young couples have automotive breakdowns in obscure villages with broken-down motels. BAILEY BLUE and KIRK are the latest in the long line of victims who contend with mysterious forces who make their stay in town memorable for all the wrong reasons! As they relax on a couch, the unhappy tourists are astonished to see a huge snake slithering into their midst; mesmerized by the serpent, they're divested of their clothing and transformed into bound and ball-gagged prisoners!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! SHAY RUSKIN and JAY get to know each other quite well - they are tied together at the waist and knees and gagged face-to-face! On the MIB side, EDANYA tosses her head back as she sits on top of a bound underwear clad ROCKY and shoves her toes in his open mouth.

    Honor among thieves -- are you kidding? Cat burglar GEORGIA JONES thought her partner would be impressed when he found that she'd trussed up PEDRO and emptied his safe. But he decides that he prefers 100% of the loot instead of splitting it with Georgia.

    Straddling her immobilized critic, sexy songbird BAILEY BLUE teases him with her tits and toes -- but also assaults his ears with off-key warbling!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! No one except her captor could resist sympathizing with sweet DANI DANIELS as she lies tied, cleave-gagged and vulnerable on a bed, her body bare except for her panties! Potential rescuer RON's not up to his heroic role and quickly occupies a place next to Dani on the bed; the innocent beauty's bare feet have been pulled up and linked to her wrists in a hogtie while tape-gagged Ron strains in a similar restraint! On the MIB side, GISELLA MORENO loves to test her new boyfriends to see how ticklish they are. JON her latest victim/boyfriend as he is tied down and pushed to his tickling limit.

    This hapless couple just can't stay out of trouble -- or bondage! Adventurous but too naive for their own good, LENA SHELBY and MAX were tempted by the prospect of swinging with another attractive couple. This predatory pair, though, had their eyes on loot instead of loving!

    There's a new "superhero" in town and she's nothing like the rest! GEORGIA JONES paroles the streets hidden behind a mask for those up to no good. When PEDRO is caught breaking into a safe, she swoops in and "punishes" him with ropes, her body and waits for Pedro to become remorseful!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Hands roped above her head as she lies on her back and gagged with duct tape, nude SAMANTHA RYAN writhes and moans while the embarrassed DOLPH, taken prisoner himself, lies beneath her on the floor, also tape-gagged and tethered to the table! On the MIB side, Army private RAY is bound and gagged with tape on a hillside and awaits his rescue by LEXI BLOOM.

    Tape gagged and bound on the floor, REINA and JOHN are held for ransom!

    KIRK receives a painful lesson in being a supportive boyfriend after he bluntly informs aspiring songstress BAILEY BLUE that she has a terrible voice and that he'd rather listen to a jackhammer symphony than her caterwauling! Bailey pouts but promises to find a new hobby; unfortunately that hobby involves clobbering Kirk, then tying him to the chair in front of her piano and silencing his protests with a black cleave!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! TOMMY and GWEN STANLEY are kidnapped by guerilla bandits and are tied face to face, their commutations completely stopped with tight tape gags over their mouths. On the MIB side, Hogtied and cleave gagged on his own couch KYLE learns a valuable lesson on interpersonal relationships as REINA takes her revenge.

    DANE revealed his kinky side by placing girlfriend JAMIE LYNN into nude bondage with some help from a ropemistress he'd met on the internet. To Dane's chagrin, his mentor took him by surprise, roped and gagged him, then got great footage of the indignant couple rolling around on the floor!

    LENA SHELBY and MAX have gone to couples therapy, where she complains that she feels powerless in the relationship because Max makes all the important decisions and is constantly criticizing her. The unorthodox therapist recommends a radical role-playing exercise that will disempower Max and give Lena a greater sense of her own strength.
    Check out our NEW RELEASES OF THE WEEK, including an all new Captured Couples video: COUPLES BOUND TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Trussed on her back to a diving-board and tape-gagged, nude beauty LENA SHELBY is a thrilling vision of summertime subjugation as she strains against her ropes above the edge of the swimming pool! Lena's captor proves that he's an equal opportunity villain when he forces Lena's boyfriend MICK to sit next to her on the board, his masculine indignation tempered by ropes and tape like those restraining Lena! On the MIB side, Poor AARON opened up his home to the wrong door to door sales girl and ends up bound, gagged and helpless. When girlfriend JADE SALERNO gets home you would think she would help her helpless man and untie him but instead she just wants to play with helpless Aaron.

    Not much KIRK can do about BAILEY BLUE's eager fingernail assault since he's stretched on a bed in his boxers with his wrists roped separately above his head; all he can do is groan and giggle while Bailey torments him from underarms to soles!

    LENA SHELBY derives most of her mildly sadistic enjoyment from rubbing ice-cubes onto MAX's chest and legs until he's pretty well soaked!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! A home invading thief has gotten the best of AARON and tapped him up outside. When Aaron's girlfriend KAYDEN KROSS comes looking for him she is also grabbed by the dirty thief and tapped up next to her boyfriend. On the MIB side, A bound and blindfolded DAMIAN has no idea where the tickling hands of SHANNON will tickle him next. It's torture for him as his skin shows every mark and pure enjoyment for Shannon!

    Following the strange sounds to the den, KIRK gets the shock of his life when he finds BAILEY BLUE bound to a chair. Her eyes widen with relief until they both notice they aren't alone. Soon Kirk is stripped down to his boxer briefs and tied up standing beside an exposed Bailey!

    Emphatically Wrong place, wrong time for DANE, who's scooped up and turned into a hostage by escaped convict JAMIE LYNN! Hiding deep in the boondocks, Jamie fights off boredom by stripping Dane to his boxers and using him as a bound and gagged boytoy!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Undercover officers LELA STAR and BLAKE are chair-bound and gagged while the criminal they had been investigating was making his getaway. On the MIB side, WOLF's not nearly as tough as his name, otherwise he wouldn't find himself in an embarrassing bind courtesy of PRESLEY HART! Squirming cleave-gagged on his back, Wolf Hudson tugs futilely at the ropes binding his wrists before him and connecting them to the metal- wired headboard of the bed where he lies as Presley's captive! When the mischievous girl shows up to mock him, Wolf grunts angrily but is powerless to free himself!

    Holding LENA SHELBY as a bound and gagged hostage until MAX returned, thieves convinced him to empty his safe of the precious gold and silver disks by threatening his helpless wife!
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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! KINA KAI still has to sneak her boyfriend, KRIS, into the house, but one day, the couple gets caught by her big brother! Needless to say, he isn't too happy to see his little sister with a guy and he takes matters into his own hands! On the MIB side, REINA hides in a corner with a heavy wooden stick in hand and waits for BRODY to come through the door! She duct tapes his mouth and binds his wrists together with tape before leaving him to struggle!

    MAX discovers the perils as well as the pleasures of a hot first date when he allows LENA SHELBY to tie him to a stair-railing in his underwear! Turned on at first, Max grows alarmed at the strictness of the bondage and pleads with Lena to release him; instead the mischievous girl stuffs a ball-gag in his mouth and plays with him at her leisure!
    Be Sure to check out the latest five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV! And also, there's all new MIB video: NOT SO TOUGH WHEN YOU'RE TIED UP!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! JACK and BARBI BENTLEY are caught in the middle of a home invasion. Both are bound on their stomachs and tape gagged! After the criminals have split, it's up to them to get themselves loose. On the MIB side, Security guard MATT is tied up and stuffed in a coffin by FANTASIA FERRER!

    When the intruder departs with stolen data, the embarrassed co-workers, JAMIE LYNN and DANE work hard to free themselves!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! JACK and BARBI BENTLEY are caught in the middle of a home invasion. Both are bound on their stomachs and tape gagged! After the criminals have split, it's up to them to get themselves loose. On the MIB side, Security guard MATT is tied up and stuffed in a coffin by FANTASIA FERRER!

    Old college buddies relive fraternity days by trussing DANE to a rolling office chair, tethering it to a hanging chain and suckng down numerous brews while laughing uproariously at Dane's erratic movements and gag-stifled curses!

    LENA SHELBY is annoyed with MAX's unwillingness to help out with household chores and when he scornfully rejects her request for assistance by referring to these tasks as "woman's work", she goes ballistic.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Bounty hunter CARLY BANKS was sure she had found the right guy when she captured and bound poor JACK. Unfortunately, she had made a mistake and is then tied up and tape gagged next to Jack to share in his plight! On the MIB side, Strapped together with leather belts, underwear clad ROCKY is helpless to the tickling torment of EDANYA's manicured nails.

    JORDAN gets a taste of his own medicine, however, when his treacherous partner informs him that the fun will be had at his expense as well as JENNA J. ROSS; soon he's struggling next to her on the bed!
    Be Sure to check out the latest five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV!

    As DANE struggles disbelievingly in a ball-tie, JAMIE LYNN gleefully informs him that she's taking his prized keyboard to the nearest dumpster!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! GEORGIA JONES and her brother DAMIAN find themselves hogtied and tape gagged by Georgia's ex-boyfriend. On the MIB side, Businessman ALEXANDER PAYNE usually is the one in control but every so often he likes to become a helpless little bitch under the heel of RANDY MOORE. Randy treats Alexander roughly as she spanks his ass and shoves her spiked heel in his face.

    JAMIE LYNN is a huge admirer aka "groupie" of ultracool musician DANE, but she goes ballistic when she learns that he's kicking her to the gutter and taking another girl on his upcoming tour.
    Be Sure to check out the latest five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV!

    With their captives subdued, the criminals gloat that they'll now be able to take the hidden loot from an old house that AARON and CASSIE LAINE had been exploring.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Young blonde BREE DANIELS and her boyfriend JEREMY are tied together knelling face to face naked and ball gagged. On the MIB side, Lovely brunette CALI LOGAN's an old-fashioned kind of girl, so when CHRIS gets fresh with her by slapping her bottom, she doesn't bother to file a sexual-harrassment lawsuit! Nope, Cali just ropes him up and makes her punishment fit his crime by spanking his ass!

    Actress JENNA J. ROSS "helps" JORDAN in his screen test by enthusiastically playing the bad girl role, taping his mouth and teasing him with her breasts and bare feet -- a definite success for all!
    Be Sure to check out the latest five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV!

    DANE is horrified when he returns to the office he shares with the sexy JAMIE LYNN and finds his partner trussed to her desk and gagged! Before he can comprehend what is going on, Dane gets another surprise when the intruder demands him to get on the floor!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! MILES finds not one or two, but three gorgeous women (CHANTEL OSMOND, RACHEL SANTINI & NOELLE NASH) bound and gagged on his bed! How embarrassing it is for him when he can't rescue them but instead ends up in the same plight! On the MIB side, Ruthless LAURA LEE takes a blindfolded and bound LUKE to an abandoned garage down on the docks and taunts her helpless captive.

    While her main intention was to loot the valuables from the house, BAILEY BLUE hadn't expected on DANE answering the door. He was pretty cute and she couldn't resist making some time from robbing him to teasing him by baring her breasts and feet!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Bound and Gagged TV - Naked Damsels In Distress, Grab and Bind: Jana Cova - Claire Adams Hostage, Beauties of Bondage, Escape is Futile and Twosome in Dangerous Time.

    Tape gagged and trussed-up in nothing but her panties, hapless JENNA J. ROSS rolls around on a bed as she unsuccessfully attempts to free herself. When JORDAN shows up, he points to Jenna and boasts to his partner about the hot little captive he's brought along so that both can have fun with her. Only things don't always go as planned!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Business tycoon TALON and his sexy bunny babe, PRISCILLA MILAN have their fun interrupted by a wheelchair bound rival! On the MIB side, SADIE MOREAU surprises her boyfriend JONATHAN by tying him up and calling in her friend Nikki Nefarious to have a tag team tickle fest.

    Letting her bare feet explore all over submissive JORDAN's face, JENNA J. ROSS relishes the power. His cleave gagged mouth unable to protest, Jordan watches with sorrow in his eyes!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Both Women Were Bound and Gagged, Detectives In Distress, Grab and Bind: Breanne Benson, No Escape For Topless Captives and Nikki Nefarious Bondage Magazine #3.

    If only BAILEY BLUE stuck to her guns and didn't allow DANE's low-life friend to stay with them, they just might not be in such a precarious situation. High and out of his mind, their naughty houseguest hog-ties the couple and ransacks their home as they fearfully watch!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ROBERT and his trophy wife LINDA CONNORS are kidnapped for ransom and tied to a chair. Their mouths are tape gagged as they're pleading eyes look into the camera of their captors. On the MIB side, Reporter HEATHER HARPER in offended when fellow reporter DAVID makes and lewd advance toward her. Heather ties David up, cleave gags his mouth and plans to put his tied up ass on live TV.

    An outright slave now, JORDAN is at the mercy of dominant JENNA J. ROSS. While he squirms on the floor, Jenna torments him with B&D implements, then casually settles back on the couch, stretches out her legs and uses Jordan as her footstool!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Babes In Body Wrap, Costumed Ladies Learn A Lesson, Helpless Hogtied Prisoners!, She Loves To Bind Breasts! and Topless Bondage Exposes!.

    Desperate for cash, bad-girl CASSIE LAINE and her henchman video AARON tied to cell-bars and tape-gagged as part of their scheme to obtain ransom for their unfortunate captive! Cassie also takes pictures of Aaron in bondage on her phone and later gets playful and pulls down his pants.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Ex-gangbanger JOSH and his innocent tutor ASHLEY RAINES are tied and cleave gagged by a couple of his ex-hommies. On the MIB side, Tarzan (DRAKE RIVERS) is tied to a chair in the middle of a garden. Jane (LAURA LEE) is the aggressor and gives Tarzan a striptease show even though Tarzan doesn't like to be tied and tape gagged he can't help but enjoy the beautiful Jane rubbing her naked body against him.

    Faithful secretary JENNA J. ROSS is unpleasantly surprised by an intruder while working alone at the office; the angry woman's looking for Jenna's boss JORDAN, so while they wait for him to return, the little secretary's tied up and gagged, then dumped on the floor for Jordan to follow soon after.
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Naked Beauties Held In Bondage, Family Disunion: Grab And Bind Of Lee Smith, Barefoot Bondage, Sabrina's Bare-Breasted Bondage and Bondage In Her Dreams!.

    Loverboy KB's had a crush on hot girl-next-door CHLOE LYNN for years, so he's excited when she invites him over with the promise of some make-out time! Turns out that Chloe's not so nice because she tricks KB into bondage, tape-gags him, then taunts and humiliates him!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! There are a number of things to deal with when you're bound and gagged outdoors - like the hot sun! Tied up pair SARAH and KYLE have to act quickly if they want to avoid any heat and that includes putting her little toes to work trying to peel off Kyle's tape gag. On the MIB side and still under the hot hot sun, JELENA JENSEN has fun tying up her boyfriend NIGEL poolside and tickling him all over.

    Tired of JORDAN's complaints bringing her down, JENNA J. ROSS ball-gags him, then has a ball of her own tickling his feet, spanking him and generally showing the poor guy who's boss!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Cleave Gagged Heroines, Girls Tie Girls, Roped, Gagged, Topless Dolls, She Won't Cause Trouble Now That She's Bound and Gagged and Bound Girls in Big Trouble.
    • In observance of Independence day, there will be no photo update today, but please enjoy SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! From our latest Captured Couples video, ELLE ALEXANDRA and JOHN CAMERON experience the wrath of Dangerous Diva when they become involved in a convoluted intrigue! Naked and cleave-gagged Elle Alexandra onto a stool, then forces her bare feet onto John's face as he lies bound and struggling beneath her! And from the latest MIB video, PEPPER KESTER pretended that she was going to give MICKEY SPEARS a nice soothing massage. Not quite - instead she ties him to the massage table, tape gags his mouth and worships his bare feet!
      Happy 4th of July!

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! CLAIRE ADAMS and SHAE helplessly watch as intruders place ball gags in their mouthes to keep them quiet! Then, in intricate bondage, the couple struggle as the intruders ransack their home. On the MIB side, NATE is a star football player who has a pretty fan, CHANTEL OSMOND. Chantel will do anything to be with Nate forever, including kidnapping him! She sneeks up on Nate and knocks him out. Then while he is securely tied to a post and tape gagged, she gathers his belongings for their life together!

    Unhappy that DANE that has invited a shady friend with a criminal background to stay with them, BAILEY BLUE finally gives in, but that turns out to be a big mistake because his bad friend ties and gags her on a bed while Dane was at work!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Bare Bodies Bound, No Protection From Bondage, Grab and Bind: Natalie Mason, Sexy Nice Girls Bound and Silenced and Tied Up And Taped Shut By Powerful Women!.

    Noticing her interest in a popular novel, JORDAN makes the big mistake of suggesting JENNA J. ROSS tie him up so they can spice up their bedroom routine. Once he's tightly bound in his speedo, however, Jordan literally gets cold feet and begs Jenna to free him; but by now, the little vixen's enjoying his plight!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Business exec SHANNON takes her new employee DAMIAN on a company retreat to see if they can learn to work together under distress, which includes ropes and tape and even a blindfold! On the MIB side, peeping TIMMY is caught looking in the windows of NOELLE NASH . She knocks him out with a frying pan, ties him up and forces him to smell her feet as she punishes her tape gagged captive with a belt.

    Abducted and tied up in a garage by villains, CASSIE LAINE is used as bait to lure and trap AARON! When he shows up to save Cassie, he's grabbed and tied on the bench next to her!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Horny Bondage Girlfriends, Rope Bound Nudes, Hogtied Captives Of Dangerous Diva, Abducted and Seductive and Grab and Bind: Kellie Krave.

    Playing a damsel in distress in a sexy red dress, BAILEY BLUE talks her way into DANE's place, then tricks and ties him up!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Beautiful CALI LOGAN is hogtied and in serious need of rescue. The good news is that her knight in shining armor LANCE has arrived. The bad news is that he's not all that competent and he soon finds himself in the same predicament as Cali! On the MIB side, ZACH thought that LENA SHELBY wanted to tie him up and play some kinky sex games but all Lena wants to do is tickle the hell out of her helpless captive.

    Having problems keeping her submissive guy KB in line, CHLOE LYNN brings him to a dominating rope expert for some bondage discipline! KB's stripped to his underwear, gagged and tied on the bondage horse, where he's forced to reflect on his bad behavior!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Costumed Cuties Captured, Naked Bondage Temptations, Grab and Bind: Holly Manning, Stripped, Bound and Helpless and Tight Ropes On Topless Girls!.

    The photo shoot to commemerate their engagment was fun and risque but things take a turn when BAILEY BLUE and DANE's photograper decides he'd have even better photographs when he exposes Bailey's breasts! Since both are tied up, there's not much they can do about it and they wind up posing for the camera with Bailey's feet in Dane's lap.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Ignoring the warning signs,GWEN STANLEY and RIO go into an area of the park that is off-limits. They soon find out why! Their stroll in the park becomes a bounding experience! The adventurous couple get wrapped to a tree with caution tape! On the MIB side, MATT is a substitute teacher who has to watch over the students in detention. FANTASIA FERRER, the school flirt, tricks the teacher into being tied and tape gagged. If that isn't humiliation enough, Fantasia pulls down Matt's pants so that the rest of the students will see him bound and gagged in his underwear!

    Forcing AARON to worship her feet, CASSIE LAINE watches with delight and when she's had enough fun, she replaces her toes with sticky tape and covers his mouth then leaves him to squirm!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Nikki Nefarious Bondage Magazine #2, Hogtied and Struggling, You Can't Escape My Ropes, Shayla Gets Even and Tied To My Lover!.

    Edgy couple DANE and BAILEY BLUE find themselves a unique photographer for a photo shoot they won't soon forget. The photographer encourages them to make daring choices during their boudoir style session and the unconventional duo remain very enthusiastic, even when the photographer suggests bondage!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Blonde tease, HAYDEN HAWKINS finds her boyfriend TRAVIS VARJAK tied to a chair outdoors and thinks that she is going to have a good time playing with her helpless captive. But Hayden's fortune is not that good as she is tied to Travis on his lap. On the MIB side, ASHLYN JAMESON is one horny girl but when her computer geek friend DOLPH doesn't want to play she ties him to a chair, cleave gags him and has her way.

    AARON gets excited about putting CASSIE LAINE in bondage but his ropework leaves a lot to be desired! Once Cassie frees herself, she sweetly suggests tying up Aaron, which she does a lot more effectively. While Aaron struggles, Cassie teases him by rubbing her bare feet on his face and forcing him to suck her toes!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Stripped of everything but her panties, a bound and tape gagged JAYME LANGFORD looks on helplessly at a ball-gagged BARRY! Will they ever get free? On the MIB side, Asian hottie, REINA is one diabolical tickler as JOHN soon finds out in her little shop of horrors!

    Slave-boy KB is in for more degradation when he's put on display as he stands cleave gagged, whimpering and wiggling with his hands tied behind him to a chain hanging overhead!

    Gagged over-the-mouth with a thick black cloth, a bound DANE endures the prodding and gropping of BAILEY BLUE's petite hands and then struggles on the floor when she switches to using her feet!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Grab and Bind: Lindsay Marie, Hogtied By Fate, Dressed Up For Bondage, Dangerous Diva Does Hollywood and Businesswomen Bound For Trouble!.

    PATRICK BUSH and CASSIE LAINE return home in high spirits after a day at the beach but their emotions shift abruptly when they discover their home's being burgled! Forced to strip, Cassie's tied topless to the bedpost and gagged with clear tape, then held hostage while one of the thieves takes Patrick to show him the location of their hidden safe. Once Patrick's done their bidding, the criminal couple truss him up in his underwear, tape-gag him and toss him on the bed next to Cassie!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! MATT likes bondage - so much so that he fantasies about FANTASIA FERRER tied up and cleave gagged, naked, helpless and fighting for release right along side of him. And, MELISSA JACOBS is offended after her handyman JIMMY makes some lewd comments toward her. She ties him up, takes her shoes off and rubs her sweaty feet all over him.

    A fraternity hazing has got beefcake AARON shirtless, tied to a post with black rope and tape gagged! There's no chance for escape any time soon, just a whole lot of muscle bound struggling!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Tied Up Girls Can't Make Trouble, Ball Tied, Nikki Nefarious' Bandage Magazine #1, Bondage For Family and Friends and Struggle Pretty Captive.

    Little blonde CHLOE LYNN thought it would be a scream to show off her subjugation of KB, but the tough chicks she texted about her coup decided it would be even more fun if Chloe was squirming on the floor in her bra and panties next to her victim!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Fun loving couple FAITH LEON and MARCOS make a wager on who would be able to get out of a bind first - without helping each other! And, Super sexy LAURA LEE teases her ball-gagged and bound captive LUKE as he struggles to get free from his bathtub bondage.

    Hot little cat burglar CASSIE LAINE carries off a bagful of money after handcuffing, tape gagging and tying AARON in his underwear!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Bound Bare Breasted Businesswomen, Bound and Ball Gagged!, Stand Up For Bondage!, Grab and Bind: Heather Harper and Dangerous Diva's Double Trouble

    With KB securely bound to a chair, pretty little CHLOE LYNN rips off the tape gag and continues her "training" for her anti-foot loving boyfriend, by rubbing her feet on his body and face and even forcing him to suck her toes!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Lovey-dovey couple ISABELLA JANACEK and JAMES are forced to struggle face-to-face with a never-ending tape-gag kiss! And hog-tied JOSEPH is new to tickling which is fine by Asian cutie KAIYA LYNN - she loves breaking in new tickle meat!

    Burglars surprise CASSIE LAINE and hold her captive until AARON returns home with combination to safe. When Aaron claims he doesn't have combo, they get tough and expose Cassie's breasts; Aaron caves in and opens safe, but it's empty! Disgusted bad guys leave Aaron tied up with Cassie.
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: I Want My Chair, Grab and Bind: Gia and Jasmine Mancini, Treacherous Ties II, Stylish Bondage Capives and Bare Breasted Bondage!

    Barefoot JOHN CAMERON is gagged with sticky tape covering his mouth, silencing him completely! Bound with coils of rope renders the bare chested stud to struggle helplessly!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! CARLY BANKS moved far away from the place she called home to escape her ex. Now, with a new identity, new life and a new boyfriend, JACK, imagine her surprise she finds out her ex had tracked her down! While, JEREMY is eager for a lap dance from blonde cutie BREE DANIELS but he isn't too happy with having to be bound tightly to a chair and cleave gagged to enjoy the sweet movements of Bree's naked body!

    When CASSIE LAINE informs PATRICK that her friend Nikki can turn him into a squirming package with one long rope, self-styled athlete Patrick laughs scornfully. The two women have the last laugh, however, and Patrick's squealing miserably behind his ball-gag after Nikki immobilizes him with a ruthless hogtie that makes him their indignant plaything!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Bare-Breasted Bondage Peril, Gia Grabs and Binds, You Know Too Much, Grab and Bind: Emily Addison and Babes Bound Bare-Breasted!

    Getting a taste of the ropes, blonde cutie CHLOE LYNN is propped on a bondage horse and tethered to a bound KB (who gets some satisfaction watching the gagged and helpless Chloe struggle along with him).
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! LINZY CROSS's identity is about to be stolen as she and her husband CURTIS are bound to each other and to a chair by a redheaded thief. And somewhere across town nasty foreman MILES gets a taste of submissiveness when employee JAMIE ANN MARTIN gets fed up with his sexist attitude! Jamie Ann gets him tied up to a chair and cleave gagged during the lunch break and leaves a surprise for all her co-workers to see!

    Once the piggish exec's helpless, the apparently naive job-seeker, CASSIE LAINE, humiliates her prospective boss PATRICK by pressing her bare feet on his chest and face then spinning the chair with joy while he writhes impotently! Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Trapped In Tape, Shazia, Candle, Carissa: A Bondage Thriller!, Grab and Bind: Dani Daniels, Jamie Lynn's Bondage Rivalry and Damsels In Bondage Trouble!

    When KB sees CHLOE LYNN sitting barefoot on the couch, KB strenuously objects because he dislikes everything about feet! He tells her to cover up her feet, which inspires the insulted Chloe to tie him up, then try some aversive conditioning!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! JON and MARIE FRENCH come home from a nice vacation when they find their home office has been ransacked. Worse yet, the intruders are still there and they leave to two small business owners bound and cleave gagged! And, SAMANTHA RYAN uses her toes to squeeze ANTON's nipples, tug on his chest ties and push the red-ball gag deeper into his mouth!

    Couples therapy goes horribly wrong for JANA JORDAN and LANCE as their therapist takes treatment too far by tying them together (Jana naked, Lance underwear) to build their trust for one another but instead of working together to get free they fight each other as much as the ropes. Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Ghost Hunters In Bondage, Grab and Bind: Dani Daniels, Wicked Hogties, Helpless, Naked Bondage Girls and I Was Tied Up With a Porno Star!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! LENA SHELBY recalls the best dream she's ever had - being bound straddling PABLO with only his thin boxers seperating their stimulated bodies. And, BLAKE and FRANCHEZKA VALENTINA are good friends but when Blake is tied-up and helpless, Franchezka could not pass up the opportunity to tickle her good friend!

    Innocent job applicant CASSIE LAINE is repelled by executive PATRICK's suggestive comments and inappropriate touching when she goes to his office for an interview! After lulling Patrick into a false sense of security by pretending to enjoy his approach, Cassie ropes him to his chair and gags him with tape!

    Surprised in her bedroom by a vicious voyeur, the lovely RANDY MOORE wiggles bound and cleave gagged in her bra and panties, hoping JOHN will be home soon! Unfortunatly, John is no hero and he ends up bare chested and bound next to the struggling beauty! Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Damsels in Bondage Trouble, Cassie and Chloe's Bondage 101, The Plan Will Work if She's Bound and Gagged, Secretaries Bound to Their Work and Pairs in Peril! Don't forget our great new site BondageFlix - material updated every Wednesday!

    CASSIE LAINE tickles the hell out of a tightie whitie wearing PATRICK BUSH after he's tied lengthwise on the bed, his hands and feet roped to the bed-frame!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Dropping their clothes to hit the sack, ROCKY and EDANYA don't notice they aren't alone! Half-dressed and ball-gagged Edanya and Rocky are bound tightly together! While, after burglarizing his home BREE DANIELS makes sure that JEREMY remembers her for a long time by tying him up and gagging him with her sweaty bare feet.

    A corporate spy has followed CASSIE LAINE home and forced the youthful computer whiz to hack into a secret company site. Once she's completed her task, the spy ties and tape-gags her; when boyfriend PATRICK BUSH visits Cassie and stumbles onto her plight, he's also bound and gagged. Before leaving, the villain tethers each captive wrists-to-ankles but they continue to struggle vigorously! Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Modern Girls in Traditional Ties, Costuime Captivity, Bound and Gagged for Greed, Tight Ropes and Stiff Nipples and She's Bound to Remember

    When she'd toyed with JOHN long enough, RANDY MOORE releases her captive from the bright hot pink sticky tape that kept him relatively quiet and replaces it with a red ball-gag that matches her slinky dress!!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Innocent couple, HOLLY MANNING and NIGEL are victimzed by a preditory pair. They are held in bondage and silenced with tape gags while thieves clean them out! And, not allowed in the Karate class for being a woman, GWEN STANLEY gets the best of black belt expert TOMMY. And leaves him bound and tape gagged on the floor!

    Bad girls like RANDY MOORE enjoy themselves by teasing their helpless, muscular captives -- JOHN writhes unhappily tied spread-eagle on the bed and a smiling Randy tapes his mouth shut before having some naughty fun!
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    Down to their skivvies on the floor, CALI LOGAN and LANCE shiver as ropes tighten against their exposed bodies and fat rubber ball-gags keep them quiet!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ANGIE SAVAGE and DEVON get stripped of their clothes and valuables before being tied and ball-gagged. And, MADIK is strung up to the ceiling which makes his tickle torture all the easier for KARLIE MONTANA!

    What a chilling experience for innocent mail room clerk, JOHN! His mouth taped by a masked burglar whos clothes hugged her every curve, John is left to struggle on the floor amidst a circle of discarded documents after the thief empties the safe! Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Modeling School Bondage Scandal, Topless Beauties Tied Up Tight, Businesswomen's Bondage Misadventures, Seven Sexy Strugglers and August's Nude Bondage Nightmare!

    TRAVIS VARJAK is trying out for a part as an action hero who gets tied up by a beautiful blonde played by HAYDEN HAWKENS. Travis just didn't realize how real the director wanted the scene to be until it was too late and he was bound and cleave gagged then made a plaything for naughty Hayden.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Tough guy TIM LOGAN tries to protect Vivid Adult-Superstar MONIQUE ALEXANDER from a stalker, but instead they both end up bound and tape gagged! While, gorgeous JENAVEVE JOLIE is obsessed with KRIS. She stalks him at the park and then gets him bound and tape gagged, so that she can have him all to herself!

    A pair of dangerous criminals surprises a high profile executive and his beautiful wife. While JOHN is forced to retrieve the valuable information the crooks are looking for, helpless RANDY MOORE is tied up and left struggling bound and gagged! Getting what they came for, the criminals buy some extra "get away" time by disrobing and trussing John next to Randy!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Humiliated Husband Wreaks Revenge On Randy, Sweet Struggling Captives, Topless Helpless Bondage Toys, Pretty Girls In Hogtied Trouble and Struggling, Bare Breasted Prisoners!

    Clad in his boxers only and bound to the bed, LANCE is helplessly exposed while JANA JORDAN gets on top and has her way with him!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! JOLEAN TRAVIS is a terrific cheerleader and DYLAN is her coach. When they make it to finals in the cheerleading contest, they are certain they will win - until a rival cheerleading coach makes sure they don't even show up for the competition. While, MIB Hunter LANA LOPEZ uses her cunning wiles to get her target and this time her sights are set on Identity thief JAKE. Hand-cuffed and cleave gagged, Jake gets a proper "send off" before going to jail from Lana as she slowly strips down to her bra and panties!

    Innocent couple, TIFFANY MARSHALL and JOHN CAMERON are victimzed by a preditory pair. They are held in bondage and silenced with tape gags while thieves clean them out!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Strong Women Tightly Bound, Stripped Down and Wrapped Up, Tie 'Em Up and Keep 'Em Quiet, Bound Captives in Sexy Costumes and Innocent Captives!

    Sexy masseuse CALI LOGAN is vying for the attention of high profile athlete LANCE but he's only interested in one thing from her, her strong soft hands. Realizing she was going to have to make a drastic move, Cali uses her knowledge of knots and ties his ass to the massage table and shows him everything he could have!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! ASHLYN JAMESON and DOLPH are taught a lesson about the limits of what you should post on social networking sites as they are bound together and their mouths are tape gagged. And, Pretty collegian MICHELLE CURTIS ties up and gags a fresh young man in her garage! Cleave gagged and helplessly bound to a wooden post, VECTOR pleads with the vixen.

    Intruders have invaded HAYDEN HAWKENS and TRAVIS in their own home! The scared couple is forced to strip and then they are gagged and bound, tethered to the couch. The blonde doesn't let that stop her. One tough cookie, Hayden manages to loosen her ropes and starts to work on getting Travis free as well!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Beautiful Girls in Bondage, Brunettes Always Win, Tied Up and Turned On, Trusting Girls Trussed and Gagged and Hogtie Treachery!

    At the mercy of petite bad-ass JANA JORDAN, underwear clad LANCE is bound with coils of rope to a hard unforgiving bondage horse and ball-gagged to stifle his cries as he is helplessly to the flogged and purely dominated!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS!In a secluded area of the park, ASHLEY RAINES and JOSH are squirming and struggling against tight ropes! And, LINDA CONNORS has had enough of ROBERTs' poking, tickling fingers and ties him up and tickles the hell out of him.

    Hapless detective JOHN CAMERON was hired to investigate the sexy criminal TIFFANY MARSHALL. Building a strong case against her, he's ready to give a full report, but the wily blonde gets the upper hand and then has John tied to chair and ball-gagged while she erases the evidence he's collected!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Pretty Girls in Bondage Peril, Costume Bondage Terror, Naked Restraint, Tape Bound and Hogtied By Heather!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! BEN and XARA DIAZ can't even enjoy their honeymoon without being bound and tape gagged by desperados! While blonde bombhsell SUMMER LONG leads around a tape gagged, bound and muscular BRETT. For kicks and to humiliate him, she makes him hop around like a bunny rabbit.

    Making plans for their first Valentines Day, new lovebirds ELLE ALEXANDRA and JOHN have different ideas. Elle pictures the day being full of romance while John has got one thing on his mind - the first time they get to have sex!! Avoiding his advances for a while now, she is finally ready to let him in, but first the red-head has a little tease! Elle has John clad in his boxers only and tied spread-eagle to a bed while she gets on top and has her way with him!

    Movement is limited for helpless couple JANA JORDAN and LANCE as they are bound kneeling face-to-face and mouths stuffed with cleave gags!
    Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Bound in Stockings, Chair Tied, Cleave Gagged Captives, Erin's Nude Bondage Conspiracy and Heather's Captive Playthings!

    Tired of her boyfriend's wandering eye, Nikki takes matters into her hands and has hunky TRAVIS hog-tied and tape gagged with the words 'Man Whore' written on the bottom of his feet. Then she leaves to contemplate the status of their relationship.
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Beautiful blonde JANA JORDAN is naked and tied up! Her boyfriend GRAVEN can't do a damn thing about it! Meanwhile ARIELLA has abusive boss DEVIN tied and cleave gagged and for fun she makes him smell her sweaty feet!

    An unusual, but romantic holiday for JOHN and TIFFANY has been arranged by their friend Nikki! Five new titles at Bound and Gagged TV: Tie Me Naked, Desperate Bondage Strugglers, Naked! Bound! Helpless!, Post Bound Peril and Ties of Friendship!

    CALI LOGAN has been tickled a lot in her life which makes her more than able to give a bound MIKE a hellacious tickling!
    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! Married couple JOHN and TIFFANY are bound and tape gagged side-by-side! Crappy boss RON finally gets his comeuppance from taken advantage of secretary DANI DANIELS!

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    Every Saturday, the military conducts exercises in hostage rescue. This week RAY gets to play the hostage and little does he know that the joke is on him! Bound and Gagged TV has five new titles today: The Kidnapping of Michelle Curtis, Costumed Damsels in Topless Ties, Bound, Gagged and Bare-Skinned, Hogtied Honeys and Struggle Against Your Bonds (which features MacKenzie Montgomery!)

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    His army buddies just won't leave RAY alone when he trying to make it with his girl LEXI in ARMY PRANKS! If you haven't seen BOUND AND GAGGED TV yet, check it out. Tremendous HD video with many choices!

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    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! A double dose of beautiful blonde LENA SHELBY. First, she can't even make out with her new boyfriend ALEX without being bound and gagged with him. Next, she has another boyfriend FRANCISCO tied up and it's time for some tickling!

    CARLY and ETHAN start the evening with a restful sleep, but end the night tied, gagged and spread eagle!

    MICK is tied up and being humiliated by LENA, but Man it's pretty obvious from the bulge in his underwear that he is loving it!

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! A LINDA CONNORS and ROBERT are tied face to face and MELISSA JACOBS tickles the upper body and bare feet of AARON!

    A hotel break-in leaves rock stars PEPPER and MICKY bound and gagged! We just released five videos on our new Bound and Gagged TV site - The Kidnapping of Summer Gentry, The Kidnapping of Sunny Leone, Classroom Takeover, The Kidnapping of Aimee Addison and The Kidnapping of Nikki Nova and Candle Boxxx.

    Back to the basics - a good looking guy - ETHAN - hogtied in blue jeans. Simple but quite effective!

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! A double dose of one of our all time favorites - CHANTEL OSMOND. First, she and FRANK participate in a Mystery Weekend in which layman try to solve an acted out crime - little did they know that they'd play the tied and gagged hostages. Next, Chantel will do what it takes to meet a famous rock star. So she gets past his bodyguard MILES by binding and ballgagging him in his underwear!

    Lovers at home, co-workers on the job, MELISSA JACOBS and AARON are bound and gagged side-by-side during an office robbery!

    Firery red-head PEPPER is so turned on by MICKEY's bare feet that she pretends she is going to give him a massage, but instead ties and gags him and sucks on his bare feet!

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS! JOHANNA DILLON tries to rescue her man, but ends up tied up too! NIKKI has a man bound and caged!

    The director thinks it would be a good idea for DRAKE and LAURA to get a little more risque for their video in PLAYING TARZAN AND JANE, PART 4!

    CARLY BANKS has a thing for her boss ETHAN When he doesn't, she comes up with a unique plan!

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS First, wanted criminal BLAKE is on the run, but is captured by bounty hunter FRANCHEZKA VALENTINA. Next JAKE RYAN breaks into LANA LOPEZ's house and ties her up. Little does he know that he's next!

    RAY's attempts to flirt with the pretty secretary at the miliatry base, LEXI, go really bad when his "friends" tie them both up for laughs!

    From the new tickling title - TICKLED HARD, comes this scene with MELISSA JACOBS now concentrating on AARON's ticklish bare feet!

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS covering both Captured Couples and Men in Bondage. A good looking guy tied up and gagged in the back of a pickup truck by DEVON and REGINA the female kidnapper gets the tables turned when she ends up trussed up just like her captive!

    A tremendous photoshoot between LENA and MICK goes haywire when a criminal ties up Lena and her photographer before stealing the camera equipment!

    Soldier Boy RAY is the object of humiliation when he is tied up and gagged on the military base by his platoon pals. He hits a new low when his pretty girlfriend has to come and untie him.

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS covering both Captured Couples and Men in Bondage. LAURA and her boyfriend get gagged and hogtied in their underwear and in their own bed! A RAP PUNK WANNBE gets trussed up tightly!

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    GISELLA and her trainer just wanted to exercise. Instead they get an UNEXPECTED WORKOUT!

    Tied up and gagged in a bathtub - not a great situation, but at least RAY has LEXI to keep him company.

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS covering both Captured Couples and Men in Bondage. One Super-Hero and one Super-Heroine are bound and gagged. One of them is even suspended! Tarzan wannabe DRAKE is trussed up, but must get loose to rescue Jane!

    LENA is a pretty lousy employee. She spends most of her time at work daydreaming. When her boss MICK yells at her she fantaxizes that she has him in his underwear, on all fours, ball gag in his mouth and she's riding him like a horse!

    Poor dominated and humiliated JON is tied up bare-chested and barefoot in a bathtub with a ball gag in his mouth. GISELLA doesn't free him - no, instead she sticks her bare feet all over his face! There's a SALE going on now and it includes a NEW CAPTURED COUPLES VIDEO!.

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS covering both Captured Couples and Men in Bondage. First SHANNON and DAMIAN stage a robbery in which they both get bound and gagged. Next, LINDA CONNORS has a barefoot ROBERT tied to a chair - now it's time to tickle his feet!

    The producer shooting the Tarzan video for DRAKE and LAURA LEE has another wonderful idea - and this time it's a bit more risque! See it in PLAYING TARZAN AND JANE, PART 2.

    MELISSA JACOBS has new boyfriend and she loves to tie him to his bed, spread eagle and in his underwear and tickle him for hours! In case you missed it there was a nice Captured Couples type scene on the NBC series THE EVENT. Take a look at some photos.

    • SIX NEW VIDEO CLIPS covering both Captured Couples and Men in Bondage. First AIMEE ADDISON and DARREN race each other while bound and gagged for a game show. Next DEVON is captured by some old gangster colleagues. He is tied up naked and gagged while his girlfriend ARIELLA is forced to suck his cock!

    MICK had a great idea as to how to get LENA to see him in a different, more romantic light. Unfortunately it didn't go quite as planned in RESCUE GONE WRONG!

    Wealthy heir AARON never suspected that his girlfriend of close to a year was really setting him up in AN OLD FASHIONED KIDNAPPING!

    • HOLLY MANNING gags a shirtless guy and leaves him tied to a chair, and then, much to his dismay, she brings out the tools! See it in VIDEO CLIPS!

    DRAKE RIVERS and LAURA LEE thought it would be fun to make a cheesy movie to share with friends and family on their Facebook page and fortunately for them there is a company that specializes in doing just that. See the story unfold in PLAYING TARZAN & JANE.

    Tough guy JON made a big mistake allowing GISELLA MORENO to tie him up. See for yourself in GISELLA AND HER CAMERA!

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    To ALEXANDER's shock and embarrassment, RANDY MOORE kicked his ass pretty good and now the big bad plumber that tried to take advantage of Randy, is all tied up on the living room floor while they wait for the cops to arrive. in PLUMBING PROBLEMS, PT.2

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    Obsessed stalker MELISSA JACOBS will do anything to get AARON MATTHEWS to notice her - including breaking into his apartment and tying the boxer-clad hottie in I WANT YOU TO WANT ME!

    Business tycoon TALON and his sexy bunny babe, PRISCILLA MILAN have their fun interrupted by a wheelchair bound rival in THE HUSTLER'S REVENGE!

    It's as if something had come over RANDY MOORE! ALEXANDER could hardly recognize the girl he had been dating for months now. Not only had she tied him up, she went on to tease him with her smoking body, then the next instant crush his balls with her foot in COME JOIN ME!

    Undercover officer LELA STAR sat nervously, has her cover been blown? She hadn't heard from her partner all day and as she wondered what was going on, she saw her partner BLAKE bound and gagged being walked in by the very criminal they were investigating in CAUGHT IN A LIE!

    Enjoying herself more than she thought possible, RANDY MOORE props herself on a stool and pokes a helpless ALEXANDER with her pointy shiny pumps then she moves over to the bed, loses the shoes and gets more comfortable by unbuttoning her dress, exposing her lovely breasts in ADVISOR'S FALL FROM GRACE!

    LAURA LEE needed LUKE to rescue her. Unfortunately for her, it didn't work out that way. Now they are both bound and gagged in RESCUE: FAIL!

    After tying up her unruly guest, JOE MONACO, an unhappy BRITNEY BAYER leaves Joe moaning and struggling on the floor wearing his revealing costume in WHAT A CAVEMAN!

    After losing her life savings, RANDY MOORE takes her revenge out on her smooth talking financial advisor, ALEXANDER. After all, she had nothing left to lose, so why not get Alexander bound and gagged, then humiliate him with a much needed punishment in ADVISOR'S FALL FROM GRACE!

    JOHANNA DILLON is caught red handed in bed with her roommate's boyfriend in CAUGHT IN THE SACK!

    NIGEL is the star of an action movie which calls for him and his co-star JELENA JENSEN to be trussed up. As the crew prepares, the two stars are being tied! He's clothed, she's not and both are tape gagged in MAKING MOVIES!

    Teasing TALON is so easy, especially since he's bound and gagged. PRISCILLA MILAN tugs on the waistband of his underwear and makes her way down to his bound feet where she sticks his toes into her wet mouth in LUSTFUL APPETITE!

    After the humiliating blow job, con artists Loren and Nikki drag ARIELLA FERRARA away and secure her elsewhere before bringing DEVON to the bedroom. As he struggles hog-tied alone, he worries what the girls were up to. He couldn't help but to think it was all his fault Ariella was in this mess. She had been so good to him and he wanted to leave this bad life behind for her and then this happened in ONE LAST HEIST!

    LUKE JAYDEN learns to treat SAMANTHA RYAN like the goddess she is in DISGRUNTLED GIRLFRIEND BRIGADE!

    Penniless and broke after a break-in, HOLLY MANNING and NIGEL are left to helplessly struggle on an old filthy mattress in STOLEN IDENTIES!

    Chair-bound and cleave gagged, JEREMY doesn't find it all too bad that girlfriend BREE DANIELS would rather tie him up then have him buy her expensive gifts, that is until she leaves him by himself while she takes a warm bath in ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!

    Not only did neighbor ASHLYN JAMESON find DOLPH hiding in her backyard, she punches him to defeat, ties him to a tree, continues to beat him some more and then lays back to watch Dolph squirm in I SPY DOLPH!

    GEORGIA JONES and her brother find themselves bound and gagged by Georgia's boyfriend in THIEVING BOYFRIEND!

    The costume party was a blast until BRITNEY BAYER spots JOE MONACO sporting a similiar costume and when he persistantly makes unwanted advances towards her, Britney gets fed up and handles the big lug in WHAT A CAVE MAN!

    LUKE JAYDEN has his mouth stuffed and taped by angry girlfriend SAMANTHA RYAN in DISGRUNTLED GIRLFRIEND BRIGADE!

    DARREN called in desperation for girlfriend AIMEE ADDISON. He knew he really pissed her off this time and he could see how she felt tying him up and ball-gagging him would make her feel better, but he could start to feel light sprinkles falling onto his bare chest in RAIN CLOUDS FOLLOWING ME!
    AARON MATTHEWS follows the muffled sounds of MELISSA JACOBS in PERFECT BAIT!

    CURTIS and LINZY CROSS struggle in vain as the flight leaves them bound behind in CANCELED FLIGHT!

    Beautful pornstar KAYDEN KROSS rubs her barefeet over over the face of a hogtied and tape gagged AARON in MIXED SIGNALS!
    Happy Valentines day! Lovers RANDY MOORE and ALEXANDER PAYNE are in love and bound together in FOREVER YOUNG!
    Stripped naked ARIELLA FERRARA is tied naked on top of DEVON in ONE LAST SCORE!

    SADIE MOREAU and JONATHAN were bound together in the park unable to escape their fate in BAREFOOT STROLL!
    RANDY MOORE and ALEXANDER PAYNE are bound together in FOREVER YOUNG!

    An obnoxious achorman gets his comeuppance when his co-anchor HEATHER HARPER binds and gags him during a commerical break leaving him tied and helpless in front of his viewing audience!
    DOLPH and ASHLYN JAMESON are held captive for ransom in PAY UP OR ELSE!

    BREE DANIELS and her husband were left gagged and bound on their bed for a bad business deal in HOSTILE HOMECOMING!
    The punishment and embarrasment escalates for BRITNEY and JOE's FIRST DATE!

    AIMEE ADDISON and DARREN compete against each other on a couples game show in HOP TO THE FINISH!

    SAMANTHA RYAN was groped while her boyfriend LUKE helplessly was forced to watch, would the couple ever escape in WHAT A CUTE COUPLE!

    LENA SHELBY and ZACH looked forward to spending time together, they didn't expect to be tied together for their ROMANTIC WEEKEND!